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The case studies we present on this website are examples of various translation projects, certified translations, website localization, games, SEO services and transcription. We talk about the challenges we faced, our approach to work and the final result. We invite you to learn more about our findings and how our translation services can help you expand your reach and achieve success in the global marketplace. We are convinced that our experience, professionalism and commitment will meet your expectations. Please contact us!

Post-editing Translation
Post-editing Translation

Our customer, a company specialising in the implementation of vulnerability detection solutions, compliance research, and risk measurement accompanying ICT systems…

ue translation
REACH-compliant translation

Sometimes it is not the price or the deadline that is crucial, but the fulfilment of other special conditions that…

nac-website – website localisation

NAC is a distributor of home and garden equipment that started back in 1990. Thanks to its innovative approach to the distribution of selected equipment and its marketing strategy, NAC has become a leading player in the gardening market, achieving dynamic growth and global recognition.

conversation with a customer
How can a short conversation with a customer help secure a long-term business partner?

Skrivanek Translation Agency offers language services in more than 100 languages. This would probably be nothing unusual if it were not for the fact that we are able to provide translations in various language combinations and varieties of a particular language at the customer’s request. This time, our translation agency took on the complex linguistic support of a company that is a pioneer in the field of financial fraud prevention.

Translation of videos from the medical industry

A customer from the medical industry contacted us looking for a professional agency to translate medical instructional videos and to handle the complex post-production of the video. The assignment included translation by ear from English, Polish proofreading and then blending the subtitles and voiceover in Polish into the video. Sounds like quite a challenge!

Translation of a children’s book

Translations are not just about intricate contract files or multi-page articles. Sometimes the texts we translate at Skrivanek require a large dose of creativity from the translator.

Translation with dubbing

The art of dubbing involves replacing the original soundtrack, which may appear in films, TV series or computer games, with a new recording in another language. The quality of the translation is, of course, very important, but there is much more to dubbing than the mere translation of words. As well as conveying the sense of the dialogues, the voice actor also focuses their efforts on conveying the emotions, intentions and cultural contexts of the original production.

SEO translations for a foreign language learning company

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is an extremely useful and increasingly popular tool for customers to ensure that a website can be found quickly and easily using keywords. At Skrivanek we increasingly receive orders in which we translate or include keywords in texts ordered by the customer to allow traffic to be brought to the website, not only in Polish, but also in the foreign languages that the customer’s require.

Translating a website into multiple languages – what strategy should we take?

Marketing plays a key role in achieving success in today’s global business environment in relation to different international markets. However, the use of professional translation, SEO optimisation, language localisation and multilingual websites is essential to effectively reach different target groups around the world. Here we present an example where a company is experiencing significant growth through the use of this strategy.

Updating a completed translation based on new industry-specific terminology – specialised translation

Running an international company and establishing business relationships with contractors from around the world involves, for example, the need to adapt your offer to the specific target audience. In this regard, translations are essential, as they enable smooth and uninterrupted communication between businesses. However, it may occur that a potential foreign contractor has specific expectations regarding industry-specific terminology, which might require the Polish company to align all of its (previously translated) texts with the new guidelines. Even in such a scenario, rest assured that our clients can rely on our support. We are extremely flexible and we can also help you with updating a text that has been already translated.

seo translation
Website localisation / SEO translation into four European languages

In the era of technological advancement, we all realise how important it is to effectively promote your services on the Internet. This allows you to easily connect with contractors or clients from all over the world, which has a positive impact on the development of a business on an international scale. The website of a company serves as its first showcase, for it is what all interested in the company’s services access at the very beginning. However, in order to ensure sufficient user traffic to the website, its structure must be carefully thought-out by the company, with particular emphasis on effective positioning, to guarantee that the website does not go unnoticed in the depths of the Internet. If you are planning to translate your website into different languages, you have come to the right place – Skrivanek offers comprehensive translation services. We focus not only on the accuracy of the translation, but also on the good search engine positioning of your website, an excellent illustration of which is the case discussed in this very article.

tłumaczenie artykułów
Translation of articles for the fashion industry

Timeless style, the latest fashion trends, and unmistakably elegance. They can have it all! But who might they be? Our clients from the fashion industry, of course, who have shown that they trust the quality of our services. One of them decided to give us the responsible task of translating articles for the Polish branch of a world-famous fashion magazine.

Translation of a product catalog for a client from the automotive industry

Prometeon Tyre Group manufactures and sells dedicated tyres for industry, freight and passenger transport, as well as AGRO and OTR applications. Originally manufacturing and selling PIRELLI branded tyres, the company is now progressively developing a multi-brand and multi-product approach while continuing to expand its technological expertise. It is the only tyre manufacturer that specialises in goods and passenger transport, as well as being active in the field of agro and off-the-road tyres. It presents an integrated and multi-brand range of technologically innovative products and services in the market. This was exactly what we recently had the pleasure of translating.

Very creative form of translation – a rhyming fairy tale

Fairy tales accompany us from the moment we are born. Told to us at bedtime, passed from generation to generation, and may be also written down. Their function is not only to cheer up and teach, but also to show the truth about the world. This is why translating a fairy tale is quite a challenge. Creative translation meets very high expectations, as it is not a literal translation. It requires the translator to have both linguistic and interpretive skills, as well as being able to adapt the text to a child audience.

Machine translation
Machine translation and post-editing

We had a new translation request from an IT company – one of the largest IT academies in Poland, featuring the best specialists and trainer-practitioners in their field. The company provides professional courses for developers and also organises conferences and meetings that bring together the entire IT community. It exists in a continual development phase, with newer and more popular technologies as well as global trends towards more innovative products on the market, meaning that they continually need to maintain their competitiveness and their own growth models. In such a fast-paced business, they are often faced with the need to translate documents, and a key consideration in the decision to commission a translation is a quick deadline.

Translating a computer game
Translating a computer game into five European languages

The client was a video game producer and publisher who was just setting up in the industry, a company created by Polish gaming and gameDV veterans who were preparing a new cyberpunk computer game. Work on the game is still ongoing – the company wants to prepare the various language versions before the official premiere, allowing them to simultaneously enter several international markets. We helped them demonstrate the great potential behind the product.

The key to global communication and exchange of experiences: a case study of simultaneous interpretation by Skrivanek

In January 2023, the Skrivanek translation agency in Warsaw provided translation services during an international workshop on preventing the smuggling of works of art and other cultural goods, entitled: Fighting the illicit trafficking of Ukrainian cultural property: subregional capacity-building training for law enforcement and the judiciary organized by the National Heritage Board of Poland in cooperation with UNESCO.

Comprehensive localization of the website into Ukrainian

Website localization is a complex and demanding process. The preferences of website users vary from country to country, so simply translating into a foreign language is not enough. The content, images, and colors on the website are just a few elements that should be adapted to the preferences of the local recipient. Therefore, it is important to work with experienced translators and localization specialists to ensure effective and efficient adaptation to target markets.

certified translations
Preparation of certified translations in an innovative way

Certified translations appear regularly in our work, but unfortunately, it is very often impossible to use the latest translation technologies when performing them. The Act of 25 November 2004 on the Profession of Sworn Translators specifies the manner of acquiring the qualifications and very precisely describes the manner of performing this profession.

Translation of a training project
Translation of a multi-stage training project

Conducting certified training is a process consisting of many stages, all the more complicated if the training material and trainers themselves use a different language than the trainees. The training itself, i.e. the visible part of the process, is only a step. First, you need to create a training scenario, select the participants, assess their training needs, schedule meetings, prepare training materials, arrange the final certification test. The key to doing this is choosing a responsible translation agency that will take care of the f translations and interpretation in a professional and collaborative way.

Poor quality recordings

Nowadays, in an era of globalization and constant rush, video materials for films, series, adverts, presentations or messages are the most easily digestible form of information. This means they are the preferred forms of disseminating content and information to a wide audience, distributed and viewed all over the world. The audiovisual translations that we provide for our clients enable them to reach recipients from every corner of the world, all in the recipients’ native languages, which further facilitates the understanding of the message being conveyed.

Translation into one language using two alphabets

Opening a new branch requires a lot of preparation, including the development of instructions for future employees. When entering a new foreign market, it becomes essential to prepare a significant package of legal, reference and training materials in the language of that country. This situation becomes even more complicated if the country has more than one official language, or when the official language may be written in different alphabets.

37 languages
Translation of corporate documents into 37 languages

They once said that the sun never sets on the British Empire, but this statement now applies to the countless multinational corporations that have branches scattered around the world. With the need for translations into dozens of languages as a daily routine, it is best to use the services of a translation company that has experience in working with corporations, offering a wide range of language combinations. In this way, the entire translation process can be carried out in one place – simply and professionally.

file formats
Unusual file formats in multilingual jobs

Multilingual projects are by definition more complex than simple source-to-target translations. The project manager has to manage the work of the whole team of translators and proofreaders, from finding the right people, through carefully planning their work to smoothly moving from one stage to the next (translation > proofreading > internal quality control), while keeping track of the agreed delivery deadlines. Sometimes the situation becomes even more complicated, when the client has their own preferences regarding the file format and the method of sending ready translations. That is exactly what happened in this case.

game localization
Bloodhound computer game localisation

Producing a computer game is not an easy task, as you have to control many issues. These include the programming side of the project, the plot, the entertainment mechanisms, the difficulty levels, the graphics, etc. If you are planning to release the game on many markets, then it is also worth considering another issue: the language versions that positively affect the reception of the game in the target markets.

machine translation
Swift machine translation for internal use

Organizing a meeting involving people from many countries is a difficult undertaking, one that requires the resolution of many details. It is easy to forget about a seemingly small yet crucial issue. This is the kind of thing we need to consider in the preparation of documentation in the appropriate language versions.

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