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Translations into and from azerbaijani.
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Azerbaijani translator

Skrivanek offers translations into Azerbaijani performed by translators with long-term experience in the sector and specialist knowledge in the required field (medicine, finance, law – depending on the customer’s needs). While performing the translation from Azerbaijani into Polish and vice versa, a skilful translator of the given language may accurately convey the message contained in the content, maintaining compliance with the source text. Our experience is the guarantee of your satisfaction with the translation performed. Azerbaijani is one of our specialities. Skrivanek branch offices are located in Warsaw and other cities in Poland. If you are looking for a professional who uses the Azerbaijani language, you have just found the correct place – our offer includes comprehensive services of translation from Polish into Azerbaijani and from Azerbaijani into Polish. We also offer translations from any language included in our offer into Azerbaijani and vice versa.

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Polish Azerbaijani translator


Who speaks Azerbaijani?

There are approximately 32 million people in the whole world who use Azerbaijani. For the vast majority of them, this is their native language. Azerbaijani belongs to the group of the Turkic languages (precisely, the Oghuz languages) constituting part of a large family of the Altaic languages. Nowadays, two main types of the Azerbaijani language are distinguished: North Azerbaijani and South Azerbaijani. North Azerbaijani has features common to the Russian language, under the influence of which it remained for more than 150 years. The Azerbaijani language will be particularly helpful if you plan to expand your business to Azerbaijan, Eastern Turkey or North-Western Iran. It is also used by communities in Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia and the Russian Federation.

History of the Azerbaijani language

Azerbaijani has evolved from the group of the Oghuz languages, whose users lived in the areas from the Balkans to China. The historical development of Azerbaijani may be divided into two main periods: early (from 16th to 18th century) and modern (from 18th century to present). A much larger number of Persian and Arabic words and syntactic elements make the early Azerbaijani language different from its successor. Until the 1970s, Azerbaijani was written using the Arabic alphabet. In 1928, for the purposes of the Azerbaijani language the Latin-based alphabet was created. Later, it also became the basis used to write the Turkish language.

Translators of the Azerbaijani language

Skrivanek performs professional translations into and from Azerbaijani. We cooperate with experienced staff of Azerbaijani language translators who specialise in various disciplines. We may provide both standard and certified translations. Our offer is addressed to companies operating in different sectors (industrial, technical, medical, legal and many others). We will perform the translation of agreements, company documents, invoices, catalogues, advertising slogans, reports, business correspondence, legal acts, powers of attorney, forms and other materials, also classified. Our translators of the Azerbaijani language will not only take care of the translation correctness, but also the effectiveness of the text, its appropriate style and adaptation to the cultural context.

Azerbaijani in business

Although in the international arena Azerbaijani does not play a significant role, its knowledge may be very useful for carrying out business in Georgia, Iran and Russia, whereas in Azerbaijan it is, in fact, indispensable. Therefore, acting on those markets, it is extremely important to take care of professional translations of all corporate materials into Azerbaijani, whereas in the case of importing goods (e.g. oil, alcohol or aluminium, for which Azerbaijan is renowned) to the Polish market, it is worth taking care of professional translations from Azerbaijani into Polish. It will definitely contribute to the success on the demanding international market.

Translations into and from Azerbaijani

Orders for translations into and from Azerbaijani most frequently performed:

standard and business translations into and from Azerbaijani; express translations; certified translationsproofreadinglocalisationtranslation of websites into Azerbaijani; DTP – graphic preparation of documentsinterpreting from and into Azerbaijani – simultaneous and consecutive;


Within 30 minutes of receiving client files, our project managers will prepare a quotation or ask for additional information to prepare a precise calculation of the job.

Document analysis

We send the order confirmation, quotation, and the proposed deadline for completion of the project to the client for acceptance.

Choosing a team

The project manager assigns the job to a translator with the required knowledge and experience in a specific field.


The translator thus selected translates the source material into the target language in accordance with the guidelines received from the client.

Proofreading and editing

The translation is edited and corrected by our language professionals to eliminate any mistakes.

Quality assurance

We perform quality assurance processes to ensure compliance with the quality standards, and then we send the final document to the client.

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