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Technical translation for your business

Translating technical documents can be a challenging but important task for many companies. Discover our technical translation services, and see what is important when ordering them.
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Comprehensive service – no matter whether you need a normal translation, website localization, application or subtitle translation for a movie, the Skrivanek translation agency has a wide range of language services – we can always find a solution.

Over 100 languages available – all translations by one company, so you no longer have to wonder which translation agency to choose.

Support and friendly customer service – if you have a problem with translation memories or website translation, then our team can advise and help you solve your problems.

Quality guarantee – if you are concerned about the quality of your translation, then we have ISO 9001 and 17100 certificates that attest to our accuracy.

Customer portal – you can do everything here, from pricing, project implementation, to downloading an invoice or even an expense analysis.

Support for non-editable formats – if you want to translate content from a scan, photo or pdf, it is not a problem. Our DTP specialists can prepare the file in an editable version, preserving the footers, headers, tables of contents, logos and stamps.

What is a technical translation?

Technical translation is simply the process of converting technical documents from one language to another. Every technical translation project differs, meaning this service comprises a very broad range of documents:

And a whole list of other types of technical documentation.

Who orders technical translation services?

We typically work with the engineering and manufacturing sectors when it comes to technical translation, but the truth is almost every production and technical sector requires this type of linguistic service, including exporters, healthcare, chemistry, automotive, software development and academia. Here at Skrivanek, we are used to working closely with scientists and researchers, R&D centres, IT and marketing companies, all providing services for technological clients.

Any document that comprises advanced scientific or technical knowledge should be treated as a technical document, which means it should be translated by someone with experience in that domain.

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Order a technical translation today

We hope that everything we have here is helpful when you request our technical translation services. If you have any questions, just get in touch with our team, as we are always happy to answer the questions you may have concerning different types of technical translation.

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When do you need technical translation services?

We can say that, at some point, almost all large businesses need technical translation, especially when they are considering foreign markets or meeting all the legal and practical requirements imposed by industry organisations and institutions. Our clients typically order technical translation services when they have some sort of technical documentation to translate, but the list of possible scenarios is much greater, as there are many types of technical translation.

Challenges related to technical translations

The technical translation process is one of the most complex ones. Many people are usually involved, including technical translators and technical writers. There may also be a need to supplement the standard translation process with technical writing, which is mostly based on content writing.

The greatest challenge is achieving the required technical terminology. Technical translation requires 100% accuracy, so you need to work with advanced human technical translators as machine translation does not really work here, and they need to understand both the source and target language as well as have in-depth knowledge of the industry for which that technical translation is intended.

Translating complex concepts along with scientific and technological information can be difficult. That is why we, at Skrivanek, hire only professional translators and proofreaders who are skilled in specialised terminology. For instance, a technical translator who usually works with texts from the chemical industry may not be comfortable with agriculture, as the concepts and terminology differ.

There are always choices in how we streamline the process of translating technical documents. We use computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools that provide us with translation memories of the terms used in prior tasks. This means we can help our clients create glossaries containing all the relevant words and terms. To ensure accurate translation in many target languages, we need to carefully select translators and technical writers who have experience in specific technological subject areas.

Only in this way can we ensure the high quality of our services for technological companies.

Discover our technical translation services

We offer a comprehensive range of technical translation services at Skrivanek, including:

  • Written and oral translations – we only work with experienced translators who are practitioners in their fields
  • Localisation – essential if you need to translate your documents for a target audience representing a specific subculture or nationality
  • Transcription – when you need to translate technical videos or recordings
  • Certified translation – required by many offices and public institutions
  • Desktop publishing – DTP services, when there is a need to keep the original form of the source document

Trust us with your technical translation

There are at least four reasons why you can be confident in selecting us for your technical translation projects:

  • 30 years of experience: we understand that you need a trustworthy language service provider with extensive experience in technical texts. Experience is of the essence, and Skrivanek has been a champion in the European market for over 20 years. We have been working with companies of all sorts and sizes, so it is likely we have experience in your industry.
  • Translation technology supporting the process: we use advanced linguistic tools and technological developments to ensure each technical translation is 100% accurate and delivered in a timely manner. We can also offer express translation services, although please keep in mind that technical translations usually take more time than non-technical ones. It is also worth rembering that a technical translation costs more than a standard one.
  • Over 100 language pairs: we work with a large team of advanced technical translators and proofreaders. Let us know what is the desired language pair for your translation project, so we can provide you with a tailor-made solution!
  • Comprehensive service: Skrivanek is your go-to place for all things linguistic. From translating technical manuals to adding subtitles to your onboarding videos, we have everything the translation industry has to offer and more.

Get the high-quality translations you expect

Even with extensive industry knowledge and ready-made translation glossaries, we still need to gain as much information as possible regarding your expectations and requirements. To accelerate the quoting process, we need the following information:

  • Do you have a ready-made glossary you want us to use? Are there any other source documents that we may use when working with your technical content?
  • What is the purpose of each document?
  • Do you require any additional services, such as desktop publishing?
  • Do you have any particular requirements we need to be aware of, including file format, deadline, communication form etc.?
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