Solutions that will boost
the language potential
of your employees

Language school

Company courses

A comprehensive solution that is up to the corporate challenge and tailored to individual needs of your employees.

Online courses

Your schedule is too tight and you cannot participate in traditional classes?
With online courses you can learn the language anywhere, anytime.

Individual courses

Custom solutions for your specific needs: learn the language when, where and how you want it.

Audits and exams

Innovative solutions to help you with recruitment and employee appraisal processes.

Why Skrivanek?

  • Quality – We meet the requirements of ISO 9001, 14001 and 27001.
  • Experience – We have been a global market player for 20 years now, whereas our Language School in Poland has been providing a comprehensive linguistic support for business customer projects since 2004.
  • Team – Our language teaching experts, coordinators, account managers, teachers, auditors, translators and interpreters. Thanks to their knowledge, experience and, above all, their professional commitment and passion for languages, they approach each project in a unique way, while always providing expert and customer-oriented services.
  • A comprehensive approach – We offer a wide range of services in several dozen languages, all over Poland, including traditional courses, online solutions, language audits, courses abroad, translation, interpreting and localisation.
  • Tried and tested EFFECTO method – our method allows for customising every course to the needs of your business and the schedules of your employees, thus making the language learning process an effective, inspiring and innovative experience, which all of you will find fun and engaging.

Learn about the advantages of our courses from the perspective of both stakeholder groups.



  • Language training provided at any location of their choice but according to uniform standards
  • Varied language solutions, tailored to individual needs
  • A comprehensive project management
  • A conscious approach to the creation of their corporate image as the companies that focus on employee development


  • An opportunity to develop language skills
  • Increased self-confidence in business communication
  • Building own position in professional circles
  • A motivation to learn

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