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Copywriting- creating texts and marketing content in 20+ languages


Copywriting in a translation agency


The work of a copywriter in a translation agency does not only include writing text, and the ability to write well is not the only thing that such a person needs. When writing text for a foreign language market, the author must demonstrate both knowledge concerning a given topic and some useful knowledge about a foreign culture. If you are looking for a company that will create advertising text and website content that will help you to reach potential customers, you’ve come to the right place.

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What is copywriting?


Copywriting is a service consisting of creating marketing content. It includes writing text that your company may use for sales and advertising purposes. Copywriters create advertising slogans, content for websites, descriptions of products and services, advertisements for various types of communication channels (PPC advertising, social media advertising, display advertising, etc.). They also write newsletters and sales e-mails.

The role of copywriting


In the marketing of any business – yours included – copywriting plays a particularly important role because no matter what you advertise, to whom or where, it is the words you use that have the real power to influence your customers and their decisions, they are an integral part of any communication campaign. That’s why the creation of the text that you use for websites, advertising slogans or other publications is very important.

Copywriting versus content marketing


Although in Poland this division seems to blur, it should be mentioned that strictly speaking, copywriting only includes sales and marketing content. That said, we also have other materials to help companies to develop in their quest to build a positive reputation. This material includes articles for external websites, press releases or blog entries. This type of longer content is implemented as part of a related service called content writing.

At Skrivanek, we provide assistance with both copywriting and content writing.

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AI content marketing


We also offer the content creation for websites using artificial intelligence. High quality content is generated by AI tools and then verified by a professional proofreader. We can also take over the process of publishing the content directly on the website for the client. The process of creating content for websites is preceded by a SEO audit and keyword analysis. Adapting a website to search engine guidelines and search engine algorithms can significantly improve the position of your website and enable target audience to reach your offer.

Creating high-quality content is very important for a successful content marketing strategy.

AI content creation has revolutionized the content creation process, offering unparalleled efficiency and scalability.

SEO copywriting and website optimisation


SEO copywriting is the art of writing web content that is optimized for search engines (e.g. Google). When writing texts according to the principles of SEO, writers try to include relevant keywords. Selecting the right keywords with special keyword research tool helps pages achieve better rankings in search results. This is important because most Internet users find information using search engines. Websites that are high in search results are more likely to generate more traffic.

Optimizing your website for a specific keywords can significantly boost organic traffic, driving targeted visitors interested in your content or products. SEO copywriting encompasses both the ability to write compelling and understandable content for readers and the use of appropriate SEO strategies to increase a website’s position in the search results displayed when a keyword is typed into a search engine.

Website optimisation process

SEO activities are not only about choosing the right TARGET keyword OR TITLE TAGS, they are also about optimising the structure of the website

On-page optimisation for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) encompasses many activities aimed at improving the visibility of a website in search engine results. Improved SEO is influenced by choosing the right key phrases, improving the loading speed of the website, or placing backlinks. Through SEO activities, a website can rank higher in search engines, resulting in more visitors and potential customers.

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Copywriting – when do we need it?


The easiest thing to do would be to state that it is always necessary, but copywriting is primarily used by companies who want to increase sales and improve their standard of communication with current and potential customers. If you feel that your potential customers do not fully understand your offer, or they may not be able to access the necessary information on your website – this means that you should definitely think about copywriting.

This service would also be useful when you plan to expand abroad or wish to reach a new reader with your message. In such a situation, the new text would be useful, as it has the potential to present your company and its offer in the best possible light. A good copywriter will create advertising text or articles for content marketing.

Copywriting – how to start?


Everything starts with an order, which should be clearly described in the form of a brief. Such a brief should contain the following information:

  • What does the service involve? What kind of text are you interested in? Do you want to talk about a single product/service or about your company in general?
  • Who do you want to reach? What does your ideal audience look like, i.e. your model customer? What kinds of people/companies have used your company’s services to date? Do you want to reach some new audience? What do you know about your customers?
  • What are the advantages and benefits of your offer?
  • What sorts of problems are your customers facing? How do your products/services solve them?
  • What expectations and aspirations do your customers have? How are your products/services meeting them?
  • What do you hope to achieve through copywriting? What are your company’s marketing goals?

Creating content for multilingual websites


Companies that operate in many countries often order copywriting services in different languages. In such a situation, it is usually necessary to create this content from scratch with a specific market in mind. Sometimes transcreation comes in handy too (we’ll explain the differences between the two services in a moment). Of course, the shape of the offer and the benefits of it will be the same in any language, but the key is to put it into words that will influence a specific group of people. That is why international corporations have many copywriting teams and agencies which only operate in a given market. In this way, you can avoid the risk that the content will not be warmly welcomed in country Y,  even though it has worked well in country X. Copywriting is one of those services that cannot be reduced to a copy and paste operation. You have to approach each case on an individual basis.

SEO copywriting


Search engines

Very often, the goal of a copywriting agency is to adapt the company’s content to SEO principles. In this case, SEO copywriters prepare a list of keywords (including long tail keywords) and key phrases (to match their popularity) and a list of additional guidelines, in this case the role of the copywriter is to create or edit the existing content so that these guidelines are met. In such a situation, each subpage (and even each blog entry) can receive its own guidelines.

The SEO copywriting process involves crafting valuable content that not only engages and informs the audience but also strategically incorporates relevant keywords and optimization techniques to improve search engine visibility and drive organic traffic.




We provide copywriting and content writing services for both B2C (business-to-consumer; cooperating with individual customers) and B2B (business-to-business; companies cooperating with other companies). When it comes to copywriting, our service includes creating and improving elements such as company and product names, advertising slogans, ad and website content, content for landing pages, product and service descriptions, social media posts (e.g. on Facebook), posts for social media accounts, text for catalogues, flyers and offers and many other types of text.

In the case of content writing, we can help with the creation of an article (including an expert article), writing statements to the media, press releases, blog posts, newsletters, reports, e-books, and any other content that requires longer text forms.



The difference between the two services is very simple. Copywriting is always about creating completely new content. The copywriter does not translate, edit, or correct (any errors are checked and removed afterwards by a proofreader) – he or she comes up with something new. New slogans and new text that your company has not used before.

In the case of transcreation, i.e. a service that combines ordinary translation with copywriting, we are dealing with a thorough reconstruction of existing texts, e.g. advertising slogans, for the needs of a new market or to adjust to the language commonly used by a potential customer. This service may include copywriting, but it also includes the modification of graphic materials, and even changes in the layout of the text and other transformations, depending on current needs.

It is true, however, that both services have a lot in common. In both cases, the purpose of the specific activity, which is writing text, is to reach potential customers in the most effective way possible.

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