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Software localisation

Do you have an application, a game or some other type of software? Then why not localise it for other languages! In this way you can broaden its target market.
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Localize Smartly, Expand Globally – Tailor Your Software for Any Market with Skrivanek.

Cultural and linguistic adaptation – We go beyond mere translation by adapting your software to the linguistic, cultural, and technical nuances of each target market, ensuring that it feels native to users worldwide.

Comprehensive testing – Our localization process includes rigorous testing to ensure functionality and user experience are consistent across all versions.

Multilingual support – With localization capabilities in over 100 languages, we can help you expand your software’s reach to global markets effectively.

Expert team – Our team of localization experts, native linguists, and technical specialists collaborate to deliver high-quality localized software.

Discover the software localisation process AND GET NEW USERS FOR YOUR APPLICATION


Software localization is a process that allows your users to readily access all the software you offer in their native language, while understanding all the interface items and easily entering the information they need using their local keyboard layout.

Every company that owns or manages a software product should consider software localization. The fact is that adapting software to the needs and expectations of different target languages, cultures and nationalities helps you win their engagement and loyalty, as well as acquiring new users more easily.

Our experience shows that the software operating language, especially in advanced electronic equipment in fields like medical and telecommunications, plays a major part in influencing the customer’s decision to purchase the product.

What is software localization?


This is a process of adapting your software components to the socio-cultural context of the new market. It addresses all the non-textual components of the translated application or digital platform, including:

  • purpose
  • specificity and needs of the target audience
  • SEO requirements
  • UX/UI aspects, including the user interface

Thanks to this, your application looks and feels 100% natural to customers in multiple markets. It is also easy to use and to understand.

software localisation
software localization
With our help, you can fully localize your software to improve your customer experience. Reach new target customers with internationalized software today!
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Discover the software localization process


This is a complex process involving both language specialists and software developers. Here are the steps we follow to provide you with high quality software localization:


Step 1: Defining the scope of the software localization service

At the beginning of every localization process, we need to decide what should be localized. The best practices in software localization are to localize all the elements related to the given software, including:

  • Software interface/user interface (UI)
  • Technical aspects of the app
  • Documentation
  • Descriptions in app stores and on your websites
  • Keywords that people can use to find your app in a given language

We can localize commands, menus and other elements of the interface, as well as the documentation, to comply with all the local regulations and standards. A localized software retains the functionality of the original and is fully compatible with the hardware operating systems on which it is intended to be used.

Skrivanek can also localize online help documentation in the CHM and HLP formats, created by using HTML and RTF files or DTP software, such as FrameMaker, with the use of RoboHelp, Webworks or similar tools.

Step 2: Selecting the software localization tool

The software localization process frequently involves the various tools used by the language specialists and software developers. These include:

  • CAT tools (computer-assisted translation)
  • TMS (translation management systems)
  • Glossaries
  • QA tools (quality assurance)
  • Bug tracking and testing tools
  • File sharing and management tools
  • DTP programs

Sometimes we can also use machine translation, and here at Skrivanek we even have our own tool. We only ever use the tools that are necessary for adapting your software to meet new markets. In this way, we avoid overcomplicating our work and instead focus on delivering the result quickly.

Step 3: Preparing the files

In practice, every application is created from different files containing code bases and other relevant components. As a part of the localization process, we gather all the necessary files, organize them and then prepare for the internationalization process. These files are then sent to selected specialists, who know everything about how to handle and work with them.

Step 4: Creating the glossary

We realize that you may have some requirements in terms of the localization strategy. In such situations it is vital to create a glossary which, while it looks like a dictionary, actually explains how the phrases should be translated into the target language. Glossaries are essential in the translation process, especially when one term can have multiple different meanings depending on the region or target audience. For instance, the part of the car that covers the engine can be called a bonnet or a hood. The glossary lets the translation and localization specialists know which terms to use.

Step 5: Evaluating the translation process

There can be no localization without proofreading. These two services go hand in hand and are often undertaken simultaneously to ensure that all the content you receive feels natural to the target audience, as well as being correct, accurate and compliant with your requirements.

Step 6: Testing for localization

We need to make sure that every single element of the localized content works correctly and is appropriately displayed in the testing environment. We have access to advanced software testing tools as well as experienced software testers to ensure everything works correctly, and that the localized version of your software is as good as the main one.

At this point, some of the technical elements to check are:

  • Names, currency symbols, measurements, units, date formats etc.
  • Internal and external links
  • Images and their attributes
  • Menus and the whole website functionality
  • Payment processes
  • Cart and purchasing processes
Step 7: Issuing the finished resource files

Once everything is translated and localized into the target language, we hand over all the files that we have worked on during the process. If you wish, we can assist you in publishing the new version of your software on your website and in application stores.

What are the benefits of software localization?


Creating an app that is available in multiple languages is indispensable for the global success of your digital business. In the modern world, adapting digital products to various foreign languages does not pose a problem from a technical perspective, as there is no shortage of localization software to help with this assignment, even for Asian languages. If you want to build a presence in multiple target markets, you have no choice – you need software localization.

Localized software allows you to:

  • Access more markets
  • Grow sales
  • Maintain business stability
  • Get and engage more users all over the world

Are these not your goals as an entrepreneur? With software localization, you can achieve all of this more easily and effectively while reaching more international users.

Why should you entrust us with your software localization?


We offer software localization not only in English, French, Italian, Swedish and Korean, but in over 100 languages! During every software localization process, we pay attention to ensuring that the final product is fully adapted to a given group of users – both in terms of language as well as other relevant technical and cultural aspects. The goal of software localization is to provide your users with the maximum convenience in using a given program. That is what we always strive to achieve.

Legal requirements

What we do does not end here. We can also take care of compliance with the legal requirements of the country where your software will be offered.

An LSP that specializes in the IT sector

The IT industry is just one of our major specializations, and we have a lot of experience in working with the different forms texts found here, including code bases, user interfaces, dialogue boxes, manuals, etc.

We can localize various types of software:

  • Graphics processing programs
  • Computer and mobile games
  • B2B platforms (ERP systems, CRM systems, call centre tools, e-commerce platforms and many more)
  • Web and mobile applications
  • SaaS platforms and more

We have vast experience in working with software development teams and companies, software houses and digital marketing agencies. This experience guarantees seamless and effective cooperation. If you work with a software development company and you want them to manage the localization process, then we are happy to work with them on your behalf.

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