Software localisation

It’s all about the user! How to increase the usability of a localised software.

We can localise commands, menus and other elements of the interface.


Localisation makes it possible for users to readily access the software in their native language, while understanding all interface items and easily entering information with the use of all the diacritics in their local keyboard layout. The operating language of electronic devices, such as medical equipment, telecommunications devices and various machines, plays a major part in influencing a customer’s decision to purchase the product. We can localise commands, menus and other elements of the interface, as well as fully translate the documentation to comply with all local regulations and standards. A localised product retains the functionality of the original and is fully compatible with the hardware on which it is meant to be used.

Skrivanek can also localise online help documentation in the CHM and HLP formats created by using HTML and RTF files
or DTP software (such as FrameMaker) with the use of RoboHelp, Webworks or similar tools.

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