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Dubbing, subtitling and voice bank services

In today’s world, professional audiovisual communication is more important than ever. We are well aware of the significance of high-quality audiovisual communication.



Dubbing is the process of recording voices in another language that are not the original actors’ voices. The translated text is recorded in a professional sound studio. Native speakers of the given language replace the voices of the characters on screen, thus ensuring high quality recording.

Voice-over involves recording voice for an advertisement, presentation, game, message or film. The translated text is read out by a voice-over artist, actor or native speaker selected by the client. Carried out in a sound studio, this type of recording has the advantage of preserving the original speech in the background.



Subtitling is a type of audiovisual translation that appears on screen in the form of text. Importantly, the display of subtitles is subject to time and space constraints, which directly affect the final result of the process.

Whatever language combination you require, we can help you.


Online video content is becoming increasingly popular. Companies that want to present their products in audiovisual advertisements have to make important decisions about how they want to deliver their video content in languages other than Polish. Video content published on websites can tell a story, educate or entertain. It can present an idea in a simplified form, evoking emotions, according to the “show, don’t tell” technique. This is a very effective method of communicating with clients as long as the audience understands the message of the video. Sometimes, foreign viewers have to rely on subtitles prepared by amateurs, which are often of poor quality and erroneous.

Dubbing or subtitling – which should you choose?


As with any localisation, the culture of the target market plays a huge role in film translation. If you already know that your audiovisual message is appropriate for the new market you intend to introduce your products to, the next step is to determine how your audience will receive the message. It depends on their cultural preferences whether subtitles or dialogue in their native language would be better suited. At Skrivanek, each project is handled by native speakers with the necessary experience and cultural understanding of the target country to ensure that the message remains authentic both in the global marketplace and in local communities. Choose subtitling, voice-over or dubbing and help foreign viewers understand your content!

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Why add subtitles to your video?

  • to view content without having to turn on the sound
  • a subtitled video is better catalogued by SEO engines
  • a subtitled video is easier to translate

Bank of voices


Skrivanek Translation Agency offers a range of comprehensive audio production services. We make professional recordings, and our voice bank is a ready-made solution for the film, TV and advertising industry.

Our voice bank has been developed thanks to the work of talented voiceover artists specialising in various areas: television and radio advertisements, animation, computer games, narration or dubbing. Such a solution allows us to select the best voiceover artist from among those with whom we cooperate.

tłumaczenia audiowizualne, w przypadku filmów fabularnych tłumacz może zdecydować o usunięciu oryginalnych wypowiedzi aktorów
tłumaczenia audiowizualne, przekład audiowizualny, techniki tłumaczenia audiowizualnego, w języku docelowym tłumaczenia audiowizualne pozwalają trzy techniki tłumaczenia audiowizualnego

First of all, recordings need to be well-prepared. Whether it is a film project, an advertisement or an audiobook, the voiceover artists must have impeccable diction and a pleasant tone of voice for the listeners to perfectly convey the emotions and content of the source material. We offer a choice of female and male voices.

If requested, we can send you samples by e-mail and instruct you on how to listen to the recordings of our voiceover artists and select the best one. Do not hesitate to contact us to obtain assistance in selecting a voiceover artist or to inquire about availability and rates. With knowledge of the client’s expectations, our staff will be able to provide additional information.

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