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Military translation

We support security by doing what we know best.
The Polish and European translation markets are seeing a growing demand for translators with military experience. Check out our range of military translations for the ARMED FORCES and defence industry.

Contact for military-related translation

For the sake of confidentiality and complete security for contact and contracting, we encourage you to send an email to the dedicated email address Feel free to contact us by telephone on +48 605 999 727.

We give all requests made this way the highest priority while keeping them confidential.

The demand for military translation and translation related to the armed forces, military aviation, the navy or battlefield medicine has been growing steadily in recent years. Military translation includes:

  • All kinds of documents for the NATO, the European Union and other institutions working in the field of international relations in accordance with the applicable standards, including documents required by law.
  • Technical documentation of equipment, machinery, devices and vehicles for the military and the defence industry.
  • Presentations, catalogues and other marketing materials for companies providing services in the military sector.
  • Official statements of military representatives regarding not only conflicts, but also natural disasters, crises and other issues affecting state security and applicable law.
  • Descriptions of ongoing military operations.
  • Military medicine.

In addition to translating equipment manuals, official correspondence, documents, contracts, presentations and more, we also provide services in the scope of military interpretation, which is useful during:

  • international conferences and meetings,
  • international training courses and webinars,
  • experience exchange visits,
  • presentations of military equipment, machinery and vehicles,
  • trade fairs and other professional meetings.

We provide military translation and interpretation services in various languages, depending on the countries and companies involved. Skrivanek works with translators from more than 100 languages, choosing providers for military assignments with the utmost care, according to the nature of the meeting for which the interpretation is required.

tłumacz wojskowy
tłumaczenia militarne
tłumaczenia dla wojska

Related disciplines

Military translation is much more than about technology, service and foreign language. It also involves a range of related disciplines and industries, such as:

Skrivanek works with specialists who have long-term experience in all these disciplines. As a result, we are able to deliver large and complex translation projects requiring experience in different disciplines and expertise in foreign language.

More than 100 supported
file formats
iso certificates
years of experience
30 years of
words translated
45 million words
translated in 2022.

An experienced military translator is essential

Anyone working as a military translator must have the experience and background necessary to deliver translations that are correct in both technical and substantive terms. The military services often order translations of detailed technical documents, which means that experience in translating these types of texts is essential.

Skrivanek has experience in military translations for shipyards, military aviation and military engineering.

During an online meeting, we can show you how our agency handles confidential projects as well as providing you with references.

Medicine is just one crucial field in military translation. The role of a military officer and work under military conditions require quite a different approach than civilian healthcare. For many years now, we have supported this important field of medicine by providing translation services to the “Lekarz Wojskowy” quarterly, published by the Military Medical Institute.

Tłumaczenie, Wojskowy Instytut Medyczny

The role of an interpreter during military actions

Translating what representatives of two (or more) sides in a conflict say is perhaps the greatest challenge that an interpreter has to face. The role of an interpreter is crucial during negotiations or arrangements between the parties, but interpreters also support other types of meetings and conversations, typically business or training-related ones (e.g. tenders or training courses in the use of international military equipment).

In military interpreting, a well-prepared interpreter plays a crucial role. Translators or interpreters working in the midst of a conflict need to be familiar with all the key locations, dates, acronyms and names of the people involved and other languages, which they use while doing their job.

It goes without saying that poor quality translation or interpretation can result in a diplomatic error. This is why a professional translator or interpreter spends a considerable amount of time studying all the available source material, such as maps and other documents, in order to understand the various aspects of the conflict before starting their work.

Outsource your military translations to Skrivanek’s experts

Skrivanek is an international translation agency that has been operating in the European market for more than 30 years. We have extensive experience in translating documents for NATO, EU and private companies operating in this sector. We have a team of experienced technical translators and interpreters, who are ready to work in a variety of conditions.

Due to the high degree of confidentiality of this type of assignment, we cannot provide any details about our work in this area, so please contact us directly.

Full information security

We are well aware that confidentiality is crucial and can affect the safety and even the lives of many people and military personnel. By working with us, you can be sure that all your information will remain safe. Skrivanek has all the necessary ISO, certificates, including the key ISO 27001 certificate, which confirms the high quality of storing entrusted data.

Military translation and interpretation often requires working in a secret office environment. Our translators and interpreters have the required knowledge of foreign language and security clearance for access to classified information, which can be a key requirement for the military aspects of translation or interpretation, such as when cutting-edge technology is being discussed or military personnel data or when an assignment concerns legal aspects or international cooperation.

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