Desktop Publishing

A well-prepared file in the right format is the key to a company’s success.

Simple DTP


If you need to translate a non-editable file with a relatively simple layout, that does not have any complex tables, diagrams or columns, simple DTP is a more than adequate solution. It will work equally well if fidelity to the source file is of little importance. In this case, diagrams, technical drawings and similar elements will be translated using a legend, and the layout will be reproduced in a simplified way allowing for comparison between the corresponding segments in the translation and the source text.

Advanced DTP


If you can provide the source file and the component files used to create the document in graphics software, we will be able to accurately reproduce the layout, colours, backgrounds and other elements of your document, so that the translation will be structured just like the original. We can work on almost all file formats.

Graphical processing of documents


Desktop Publishing (DTP) involves all processes related to the preparation of a text for publishing, both in print and online. It also covers conversion of increasingly popular non-editable documents to an editable format. This speeds up the translation process, while at the same time enabling future editing and updating.

Skrivanek’s DTP department offers graphical processing of documents (such as guides, manuals, catalogues or leaflets) in many languages. Our experts will make sure that, following the translation into the languages of your choice, the layout of the text will match the original document as closely as possible.

Advantages of advanced DTP:

  • The translation can faithfully reflect the structure of the original document with all its graphical elements, such as photographs, Excel charts, screenshots, backgrounds, colours, etc.
  • The file is edited in graphics software, allowing for future updates.
  • The resulting document looks very professional, so it can be showcased in contacts with business partners.
We are able to accurately reproduce the layout of your document!

What services do you provide?

We provide translation and proofreading services, certified translations, machine translations, consecutive and simultaneous interpreting, support for international conferences, website and software localisation, transcreation, DTP, verification and in-house checks, dubbing and voice-over.

Which industries are your expert focus?

We specialise in many industries, such as finance and banking, construction and engineering, human resources (HR) and payroll, law and the judiciary, agriculture and forestry, machine industry, medicine and pharmacy, manufacturing, marketing and advertising, trade and services, tourism and leisure, state administration, insurance, IT, fashion and art.

What documents do you translate?

Depending on our Clients’ needs, we translate all necessary document types, such as corporate publications, contracts and agreements, terms of reference and tender specifications, instructions, marketing literature, financial statements and reports, documentation of clinical trials, laboratory test results, medical opinions, and many more.

How can I order a translation service?

You can send us your file(s) via our online form or by e-mail to get a free quotation, and then accept the cost of the service that we have provided.

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