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Standard translation

Standard translations for you and your business


Translation is the pillar of our business. For the past 20 years, we have been refining our working practices to provide you with the highest quality service, which is confirmed by numerous ISO certifications. Thanks to our experienced team, advanced know-how and the support of translators who are experts in various fields, we are ready to take on even the most difficult projects. In this, we are able to meet the needs of international corporations, highly specialised companies and state institutions, as well as small local businesses. Most often we provide translations in the field of law and administration, medicine and pharmacy, as well as finance and banking. However, this is just the beginning of our offer, in which you will find many other translation of specialist areas.


Among the most common subject areas of our translations are:

  • law / administration
  • finance / banking
  • engineering / industry / construction
  • IT / telecommunications
  • medicine / pharmaceuticals
  • PR / advertising / marketing
  • and many more.

Saving time and money are the biggest advantages of using machine translation.


NMT is a system built on the basis of 20 years of our activity and experience, works like the human brain, which uses neural networks.

Skrivanek NMT is a proprietary tool developed by us, tailored to the needs of clients from various industries, such as, for example, law, medicine or technology.

In orders where the fluency and stylistic correctness of the final text is not the most important, machine translation is the perfect solution.

MT are cost effective when you need to quickly translate large projects with repetitive elements. If the translation will be used in contacts with contractors, it will be necessary to post-edit translation of documents. However, in the case of specialized materials or with non-standard and highly specialized vocabulary, professional human translation will always be the best choice.

CAT Translations


Most translation projects can benefit from the advantages that these tools bring, for everyone involved in the workflow: customers, project managers, translators and proofreaders. They are typically used to create and develop terminology and conceptual databases that are project, customer, or industry specific. These databases, known as translation memory, contain more than a set of translated sentences and phrases from earlier texts, they can also be used to translate similar fragments, leading to increased consistency among all types of documents within a company or other institution. The result is that CAT tools save time, effort and money, and improve quality.

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