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Zoom translation

Translate your online meeting or webinar and ensure easy communication thanks to advanced online language interpretation

Interpreting online meetings conducted via Zoom or any other online meeting tool has become increasingly important, especially after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. We live in a remote world where Zoom meetings have taken over standard ones in offices.

Do you take part in or organise online meetings for participants from many different countries? Is there a language gap between them? Have you ever experienced language barriers hindering effective communication? With our help, that’s a thing of the past.

Zoom translation at Skrivanek


At Skrivanek, we offer advanced consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services of meetings and support our clients in organising virtual events. We work only with professional interpreters with sufficient language skills and deep industry knowledge.

If needed, we can also help in preparing all materials necessary for the meeting, such as presentations, scripts and notes. Translation for all ongoing chat conversations is also possible.

Our Zoom translation service comes in handy during all professional business meetings, especially if there are discussed complex matters, such as:

  • Healthcare
  • Law
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Marketing

You want to be sure that each meeting participant understands correctly everything that’s being said and that they can listen and participate in their preferred language. And it’s our role to ensure just that! With our help, every Zoom meeting is effective and available in dozens of languages.

How does it work?


Depending on your requirements, Zoom translation can be organised in different forms. Usually, participants requiring translation need to connect to our Zoom account to receive the translation in real time. It is also possible to combine more than one tool if, for instance, your company works only on MS Teams or any other platform.

Whenever possible, we also suggest running a trial meeting to see how everything works and if the proposed solution fulfils your expectations. We always try to adjust to our clients’ requirements, so if you have any non-standard needs regarding Zoom translation – feel free to ask. We’re happy to help you in the preferred form and setup!

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When should you use Zoom translation?


Our clients use our Zoom interpreting services in many situations, such as:

  • Online meetings and presentations
  • Business negotiations and conversations
  • Video conferences
  • Online courses and webinars

Tools and platforms we work with during online meetings


Although Zoom is the most popular online meeting tool we’re using in our work, we are happy to support you with meetings hosted on any other teleconferencing tool or platform, including:

  • Google Meet
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Skype
  • Facebook Live
  • YouTube Live
  • Slack Video Calls

Available language pairs


At Skrivanek, we work with interpreters and translators from all over the world providing interpretation in multiple languages. As a result, we can offer Zoom translation in every European language and the majority of non-European languages, so you don’t need to limit yourself just to caption languages provided by the Zoom web portal. Typically, language pairs we work on include English, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese (Mandarin), Russian and many more.

Every Zoom meeting is assisted by at least one interpreter who can work remotely or be located in the same meeting room with other participants.

And what if there are multiple speakers during one meeting or webinar? We can use multiple zoom accounts and switch languages according to your current needs. So if at 1 pm you have a speaker from China and at 2 pm from Spain, we can keep up and provide interpreting for both these languages.

Benefits of our service


We understand that every meeting matters, and you want to make the most of it for every participant. That’s why we are happy to help you not just in translating your meetings but even organising them from scratch!

Here are the most important benefits of meetings organised with Skrivanek:

  • Access to audio and video channels in HD
  • Meeting recording feature
  • Availability for up to 300 participants
  • Screen sharing feature
  • Accessibility via mobile devices
  • Easy file sharing for all participants
  • Built-in chat channel

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Types of online interpreting


We are comfortable working in different web settings. Depending on your needs, you can benefit from the following types of online interpretation services:

Consecutive interpreting

In this form, the service is based on just one foreign language. The interpreter listens while the speaker utters four or five sentences of their speech. When the speaker stops speaking, the interpreter then translates what has been just said. Consecutive interpreting is the simplest form of oral translation, and it works for smaller meetings.

Simultaneous interpreting

That’s the most advanced form of translation. The interpreter transforms a spoken dialogue at the same time so that the natural flow of the conversation or speech is maintained. This results in an output that is clear and smooth for the speakers and the listeners using another language.

Whispered interpreting

It’s a form of simultaneous interpreting where the interpreter listens to the speaking person and translates what’s being said by whispering to just one meeting participant during one live session.

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