biuro tłumaczeń skrivanek

ISO 18587:2017

Standardizing post-editing of machine translation output

Due to increasing customer demand for translations with a large volume or short deadline, we have extended our offer to include machine translation supported by a post-editing service. This allows our clients to translate documents for which there was previously no time or budget. Machine translation at our translation agency is performed using our proprietary Skrivanek NMT tool, a system built on the basis of 20 years of our experience and activity, which works similarly to the human brain, using neural networks.

In order to ensure that our clients have access to translations of the highest quality, we offer a post-editing service, the aim of which is to produce a text of a quality that allows the content to be understood, and one that results in a text of a quality similar to that of a human translation.

Using machine translation and post-editing services offered by our agency, our clients can be sure that everything will be done in a fully professional manner. This is confirmed by our certificates, especially the one confirming our compliance with the ISO 18587 standard. It defines “requirements for the process of full, human post-editing of machine translation output and post-editors’ competences”.

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