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Game localization

Game localization is a guarantee of success in the international game market.

At Skrivanek, we’re tuned into the dynamic world of gaming and the exciting possibilities that emerge when we bridge language and cultural gaps. Our language services are tailored to empower gaming companies, ensuring seamless connections with a global audience. If you’re gearing up to release your game in multiple markets and are on the lookout for a partner to navigate the language gap and deliver an immersive experience, we’ve got you covered. Our team of experienced linguists specializes in game translation, ensuring your narrative, dialogues, and user interface are flawlessly localized for diverse audiences. Feel free to reach out; we’d love to explore how we can contribute to your project’s success.

Why Choose Us?

  • Industry Experts: Our translators are passionate gamers and language professionals, ensuring a deep understanding of gaming nuances.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: We go beyond literal translation, adapting content to resonate with players from different cultural backgrounds.
  • Quick Turnaround: Meet tight deadlines with our efficient and reliable translation services, keeping your game development on track.
  • Quality Assurance: Rigorous quality checks to guarantee accuracy, consistency, and an immersive player experience.

Level Up Your Game’s Reach – Don’t let language barriers limit your game’s potential!

What is game translation?


Game translation is a process of converting video game content and audio files from the source language into the target language so that players from diverse backgrounds can access, understand, and enjoy it. It involves a translation of: game content, product packaging, instructions, terms & conditions, marketing materials, menu, messages etc.

Video game translation process bridges the gap between countries and people, allowing gamers to explore and appreciate titles from different regions. Additionally, having a localized version of a popular game can flare up interest, thus increasing its reach to prospective customers all over the world.

If you want your game to support multiple languages, then localize it with us!
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Localized games

medieval dynasty
Medieval Dynasty

Developer: Rendercube
Publisher: Toplitz Productions
Genre: RPG
Platform: PC
Languages: Hungarian, Japanese, Italian, Korean

Aviators Lotnicy

Developer: Chronospace
Publisher: Chronospace
Genre: FPP
Platform: PC
Languages: Japanese, Chinese, German, French, Ukrainian, Russian, Spanish, Italian, English


Developer: Kruger & Flint Productions
Publisher: Kruger & Flint Productions
Genre: FPS
Platform: PC, XBOX Series X, XBOX Series S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5
Languages: Ukrainian, Spanish (Spain), Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Japanese, Korean, French, Bahasa Indonesia, Belarussian, Chinese (Simplified), Javanese, German, Czech, Italian

Hank Drowning On Dry Land
Hank: Drowning On Dry Land

Developer: My Next Games
Publisher: My Next Games
Genre: Adventure
Platform: PC
Languages: English, Italian, German, Spanish (Spain), Chinese (Simplified)

Bloodhound computer game localisation – case study


Producing a computer game is not an easy task, as you have to control many issues. These include the programming side of the project, the plot, the entertainment mechanisms, the difficulty levels, the graphics, etc. If you are planning to release the game on many markets, then it is also worth considering another issue: the language versions that positively affect the reception of the game in the target markets.

game localization
Translation process and game development
Game developer invents game dialogue during development process
User interfaces and game design in multiple markets

Translating a computer game into five European languages


The client was a video game producer and publisher who was just setting up in the industry, a company created by Polish gaming and gameDV veterans who were preparing a new cyberpunk computer game. Work on the game is still ongoing – the company wants to prepare the various language versions before the official premiere, allowing them to simultaneously enter several international markets. We helped them demonstrate the great potential behind the product.

Translating a computer game

How to do game localization?


Even if you have not heard the term “game localization” yet, chances are good that you have enjoyed its benefits already. Localization is the process of taking a game and making sure it works in any country – including yours! It requires extensive research, knowledge of the target market and local gaming habits, consideration of the specific sense of humour, voice-overs by the best voice actors, and much more.

Translation: The game localization typically starts with a translation. All the content gets translated into the language of the region, in which the game will be released.

Editing and proofreading: The translated content is reviewed for any inconsistencies and typos. In this stage, any grammar and spelling errors that may have occurred during the translation process are corrected.

LQA – Linguistic Quality Assurance: The translation accuracy is verified before introducing it to the game.

Integration: At this stage, a coding update is carried out to incorporate the translated elements into the game. In addition, UI/UX modifications are made to ensure the content displays correctly.

Regional adaptation: In some countries, blood, skulls, or religious symbols are not allowed in the gaming industry. Additional consideration must be given to violence and sexual content.

Audio localization: When the content is ready, voice actors are cast, recorded, and overseen to make sure that dubbing reflects local dialects and accents.

Why should you consider game localization?


By ensuring that all text, dialogue, and even images in video games are properly localized for each market, companies allow players from all over the world to fully enjoy their games in their own native language. It gives a wide range of benefits for both users and game developers:

  • Broadening your audience: Localization helps attract new players who would otherwise not be able to enjoy your game.
  • Increasing revenue: Game localization helps your game penetrate new markets and increase your game’s sales and profits.
  • Cultural sensitivity: Localization can ensure that your game is culturally appropriate in different regions.
  • Positive player experience: Game localization can improve the player experience by removing language barriers and making the game immersive and engaging.
Translators understand gaming experience
Pop culture: interactive experience in different language
CAT tools for great translation into various languages

Behind the scenes of game localization


The game localization should always be done by a native speaker. This is an industry standard at an international level. The native speaker possesses a level of language proficiency that can not be achieved by a language learner. Let’s take a look how the process looks like:

1. The client submits a text and a style guide (or other supporting files) and a dead-line is set.

2.    The Project Manager formats files for translation purposes and sends them to the contractors.

3.    Translators begin work. Moreover:

a. If the client has requested a glossary, we follow the guideline and provide a lexicon within an agreed deadline or at the end of the translation.

b.    We can create a questionnaire or a communication channel between the translator and the client to open the possibility of asking and answering questions.

4.    The translator finishes the work or its part. Now, it is time for independent verification and proofreading.

5.    After proofreading, the text undergoes quality control.

6.    The text is ready, and we send it to the client.

7.    The client tests the new language version directly in the game and shares his feedback with us. If there are any changes required, we introduce them.

8.    The translation process is completed after introducing the changes.

Translator working on video game translation translates source files and contextual information
Video game translation services for the world audience
Translate marketing content

Video game localization – how to do it right?


Translating video games can be a challenging process. In Skrivanek, we strive to make it as smooth as possible for game developers. We are a high-quality translation agency with more than 30 years of experience in different types of services, including online websites, e-commerce, e-learning, software, and game localization. Our professionals work with multiple languages, offering a broad choice of options for our customers. We offer quality assurance: the translated content is tested and re-assessed for a seamless user experience. Your game will transform soon into an easily recognizable title to the global audience!

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