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Translating a computer game into five European languages

Translating a computer game

The client is a video game producer and publisher who was just setting up in the industry, a company created by Polish gaming and gameDV veterans who were preparing a new cyberpunk computer game. Work on the game is still ongoing – the company wants to prepare the various language versions before the official premiere, allowing them to simultaneously enter several international markets. We helped them demonstrate the great potential behind the product.

Translating a computer game

The client developed a clear strategy for the project, and was bound by strict deadlines. The planned premiere of the game was to take place at the beginning of summer, and we received the request for translations at the end of February, just enough time to achieve this securely. The first inquiry concerned translations from English into two languages – Russian and Ukrainian. However, during the talks, this was also extended to include additional languages: Italian, French, Spanish, Korean, German, Portuguese, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese.

Taking into account the specificity of the text, we all knew well how important it was to culturally adapt the translation to each market – so we included additional proofreading by a native speaker. However, at the negotiation stage, they decided to limit the languages and use standard implementations without additional proofreading, emphasizing that they trusted the many years of experience and professionalism of our translators. After many conversations to best match our offer to their needs, we prepared a comprehensive quote for the service. This included translation by carefully selected translators who have extensive experience in translating similar content and who have received positive feedback from other companies we work with. They thanked us for what we offered, and initially decided that we could provide translations into five European languages – German, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese.

Our experienced team informed them about the full range of possibilities during the preliminary arrangements, resulting in their decision to expand the scope to five European languages. They were very pleased that they could entrust this comprehensive task to us. We ensured full flexibility in the way we offered our services, including the scope of the work, attractive and individualised pricing and a convenient delivery date. We wanted them to be able to receive all the materials in advance, which also guaranteed the security of project completion on their side. Even during the preliminary talks, we were open to clarifying any doubts and proposing optimal solutions for them, allowing the maximum satisfaction of their translation needs. They eventually accepted our rates and thanked us for the success of the entire negotiation process, including highly praising our level of communication and our openness to performing this task. Over time, we also received further orders to update the translations of content for the game, which successfully debuted in selected international markets. Carrying out this translation was another valuable experience for us, while for our clients it is clear proof that, with us, they can complete even the most demanding of projects!

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