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Translate your WordPress website with Skrivanek

WPML translation

Anyone planning to include foreign language clients has to consider making their website multilingual. As a large proportion of websites are built using WordPress CMS, Skrivanek now offers support through WPML.

WPML – the best solution for WordPress translations

WPML (WordPress Multilingual Plugin) was created by OnTheGoSystems and is the most comprehensive solution for anyone seeking to translate a content-heavy website featuring an extensive structure. “As an authorized partner of WPML, we offer website localization using the WPML plugin. It allows us to carry out complex translation projects on the Internet without the client having to create additional resources,” explains Agata Nowak, Skrivanek translation technology manager. This accelerates and facilitates the process of website translation, and is especially helpful when creating multiple language versions. The plugin allows you to decide which content should be sent to Skrivanek for translation. Our specialists then prepare a quote, ready for your acceptance. Once accepted, the translation takes place, is sent back to the plugin within your CMS, where the received files are used to update the content from within the WPML dashboard and to create the new language version, without any problems.  WPML gives you the possibility of translating all kinds of website content, from articles and pages to widgets, projects and testimonials. The plugin ensures a smooth connection between your WordPress website and Skrivanek’s translation services.

Why choose an external language solution provider for your translations?

There are two practical options: either find someone to carry out the translation in-house or choose a professional translation agency. The former is possible for someone familiar with the foreign language; however, if you want to be sure that the result is free from errors and distortions, you need a professional team. “Website localization is a complex task that requires a combination of translator, native editor and process manager. Only this can guarantee that the website is well translated, in a form familiar to the target audience. Language is always conditioned by the social and cultural contexts, and a translation without an awareness of these realities can feel rigid and unnatural,” explains Agata.  The required quality of any translation must always be considered, and for a website translation, each letter and comma can testify to the expertise of your company.

Now you can translate your WordPress website with Skrivanek – your trusted translation provider. We can deliver translations in over 100 languages and guide you through the plugin ordering and installation process. Website translation has never been easier, bringing you closer to your future clients.

You can purchase WPML for your WordPress website here.

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