conversation with a customer

13 Oct: How can a short conversation with a customer help secure a long-term business partner?

Skrivanek Translation Agency offers language services in more than 100 languages. This would probably be nothing unusual if it were not for the fact that we are able to provide translations in various language combinations and varieties of a particular language at the customer’s request. This time, our translation agency took on the complex linguistic support of a company that is a pioneer in the field of financial fraud prevention.


13 Oct: Translation with dubbing

The art of dubbing involves replacing the original soundtrack, which may appear in films, TV series or computer games, with a new recording in another language. The quality of the translation is, of course, very important, but there is much more to dubbing than the mere translation of words. As well as conveying the sense of the dialogues, the voice actor also focuses their efforts on conveying the emotions, intentions and cultural contexts of the original production.