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Over 100 supported formats – pdf, jpg, idml, or maybe json or html – it does not matter, as we support many different file extensions, so you do not have to worry about converting your documents.

Comprehensive services – no matter whether you need a translation, location of a website or an application, or translation of film subtitles, here at the Skrivanek translation agency, we can offer you a wide range of language services – we can certainly find a solution.

Over 100 languages available – all translations delivered by one company, so you do not need think which translation agency to choose for a given project.

All orders can be executed online – order a translation service without leaving your office or home, we can send the translated documents by e-mail, including certified translations with a qualified electronic signature. Traditional, paper certified translation can also be sent by post or courier.

Vendor Portal – you can handle all matters in one place, while checking the progress of the work on an ongoing basis.

Quality guarantee – if you are worried about the quality of the translation, then we are ISO 9001 and 17100 certified, confirming the accuracy of our work.


No matter whether you need to have your documents translated for your company or for private purposes, we strive to provide the highest quality services, all with a 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

When translating your documents, we adjust the appropriate processes to your specific requirements.

Thanks to our many years of experience and cooperation with various industries, we know what to pay special attention to. We understand that operating manuals have different priorities and requirements than specialised marketing, technical and financial materials, car documents or car registration books. We are always glad to share this knowledge and advise you if you have any doubts!

Thanks to the efficient work of our teams and the use of modern software, we can guarantee that the order completion date is tailored to your needs. We only work with experienced translators who are also practitioners: doctors, engineers, lawyers, IT specialists and others. Thanks to this, you can be sure that our translation services are provided by professionals specialising in a given field.


Our qualified team also provides specialist translation services for many industries, including:

  • Law
  • E-commerce
  • Tourism, hospitality and the food industry
  • Public administration
  • Energy and raw materials


The translation of documents is a process requiring commitment, knowledge and experience. Therefore, if you are looking for a professional and comprehensive translation service, you should use the services of an experienced translation agency. At Skrivanek we take care of the quality of our services and ensure customer satisfaction. Our team of translators, qualified in different areas, provides comprehensive and reliable translation services. Regardless of the type of document, we approach each order on a case-by-case basis and carefully select an appropriate translator to guarantee the highest quality of translation.

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Clients who trust us
Translation of corporate documents into 37 languages – Case study

This was to find a translation company that could prepare a quote for the translation of several dozen files in various formats in several dozen languages from around the world, in many variants. It was also necessary to be ready to participate in the implementation process for potential suppliers, carried out in English by the American headquarters.

37 języków

White Paper Translations

In the realm of international business and academia, white paper translation is an indispensable service. White papers are comprehensive reports or guides that aim to inform, persuade, or present solutions on complex issues, often used to establish thought leadership in a particular field. At Skrivanek, we recognize the importance of these documents in shaping opinions, policies, and business strategies. Our white paper translation services are designed to meticulously convey the depth and nuance of the original content to a global audience. We handle a range of topics, from technical white papers in engineering and IT to research-based papers in medicine and environmental science. Our translators not only translate the language but also adapt the cultural nuances, industry-specific terminologies, and intricate concepts to maintain the integrity and authority of the original document. This service is crucial for businesses and organizations aiming to influence decision-makers, attract global partners, and establish credibility in international markets.

File Translation

In our interconnected digital world, the ability to communicate across languages is vital, and this is where Skrivanek’s file translation services play a key role. We offer comprehensive file translation services that cater to a variety of digital formats, including PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and more. Our expert translation team is proficient in handling these diverse file types, ensuring that the translated content retains the original formatting, layout, and design elements. This attention to detail is crucial for maintaining the document’s professional appearance and readability. Our file translation service is essential for businesses engaging in international trade, multinational corporations coordinating across borders, and academic institutions sharing research globally. We ensure that every chart, graph, and text block is accurately translated, making the documents accessible and understandable to your international audience, facilitating the seamless communication and efficient information exchange across different languages and cultures.

Folder Translation

Folder translation is a comprehensive service that involves translating all documents within a specific folder, ensuring uniformity and accuracy across a collection of files. This service is particularly valuable for businesses and organizations dealing with extensive documentation, such as legal case files, technical manuals, project portfolios, or corporate policy documents. At Skrivanek, we understand that each document in a folder is part of a larger context and narrative. Our holistic approach to folder translation ensures that every file, whether it is a contract, email correspondence, technical specification, or marketing material, is translated with consistent terminology and stylistic coherence. This uniformity is crucial for maintaining the professional integrity of the documents and for ensuring clear communication. Our skilled translators are adept at managing large volumes of documents, delivering high-quality translations that adhere to industry standards and client specifications. This service is ideal for legal firms, technical companies, government agencies, and any organization requiring cohesive and reliable translation solutions for their comprehensive document sets.



Within 30 minutes of receiving the files, our specialists can prepare a quote or ask for additional information in order to prepare a precise calculation of the order cost.


We send a confirmation of the order to you, together with the quote for the translation into English or from English into another language, and the possible completion date of the commissioned project for acceptance.


The Project Manager assigns the translation project to an English translator who is knowledgeable and experienced in a given field with the ability to translate the documents into English or from English.


The translator translates the materials into English in accordance with the guidelines received from you.


The translation is edited and proofread by our language specialists in order to eliminate any errors.


We conduct quality control of our translations in order to guarantee the highest quality standards, and then send the finished document back to you.


The professional translation of documents is a process that involves translating content from one language into another, which requires that the translator should have advanced knowledge of both languages as well as the field represented by the text. The quality of translation depends on many factors, including the knowledge of the translator related to the source language and the target language, knowledge of the culture and customs of both countries, and on their specialisation in a given field and on the understanding of the subject.
For example, a translator specialising in law is able to translate legal documents, including contracts, notarial deeds or pleadings precisely and in line with the legal terminology, but not necessarily a complex technical document. When translating medical documents, it is necessary to have extensive knowledge of medical terminology in order to avoid misunderstandings and to guarantee that the translated text is understandable to the specialist and the patient.

At Skrivanek we cooperate with translators specialising in various fields, meaning that you can be sure that the translator is properly specialised and experienced in the given field and is able to provide high quality translation, in accordance with your requirements and the cultural expectations of the target country.


The translation of documents is a kind of service that is provided by translation agencies most frequently. Regardless of the type of document, its content must be translated in a precise manner, in accordance with the customer’s requirements and the specific nature of a given field. What should you pay attention to when you decide to have your document translated?

  • Translator’s competencies – the translation of documents is a task requiring specialist skills, knowledge and experience. First of all, the translator needs to know both languages fluently, not only in terms of vocabulary, but also in terms of grammar, orthography and syntax. However, the translation of documents requires a knowledge of the specialised vocabulary and terminology in a given field, such as law, medicine or technical sciences. Therefore, it is worth choosing a translation agency, like Skrivanek, which has a team of experienced and qualified translators with specialist knowledge and experience in a given field.
  • Industry-specific terminology – industry-specific terminology is crucial for the effective translation of documents. It should be borne in mind that different areas require different specialised terminology, which is often unique to a given industry. Not every translator is able to provide a correct translation, taking into account specialist terms, which is why it is worth noting whether a given translator is experienced and knowledgeable in a given field.
  • Use of translation tools – the use of translation tools is an important aspect of the professional translation of documents. Here at the Skrivanek translation agency we use state-of-the-art translation tools, such as translation memories, which allow us to provide faster and more effective translation when working on similar documents in the future and to keep the translated documents consistent.
  • Security and data confidentiality – Skrivanek guarantees that the confidentiality of customers’ data is protected and that appropriate procedures are in place to maintain the secrecy of the translated documents. You can be sure that your documents are treated with the highest confidentiality and discretion.
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