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Without proper testing of software or websites, there will be no functional product. Checking the various software components and considering user requirements are crucial to the success of such projects. Read below to learn more about software and website testing.

Testing websites and online stores – is it necessary?

Whether you run a small business or a large enterprise, if you want to gain customers, you need to ensure your online visibility. Many small entrepreneurs start by creating a Google Business Card. However, in order for the company to expand its business reach, it is worth investing in a professional website, preferably multilingual.

The finished website must look good, but most importantly it must be functional. A malfunctioning online store can discourage potential customers and, in the process, help our competitors. And this is where testing plays a huge role.

In order to be sure that everything works as it should on our site, you need to test it. Properly conducted functional tests guarantee that the investment in a website or store will contribute to the development of the company.

Testing software and web applications

If your company is in the business of developing software and web applications, you probably have a good understanding of the need for thorough testing of software before releasing it to the market.

Meanwhile, functional testing is not only required for purely commercial products. If you are procuring or developing an application for your company’s operations, a lack of testing can disrupt your team’s day-to-day operations.

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What is functional testing?

According to the International Software Testing Qualifications Board’s Dictionary of Testing Terms, functional testing is designed to assess whether a module or system meets functional requirements.

Such testing is done on a black box basis, meaning the software tester does not know the build of the application being tested. Its task is to verify that the program meets business expectations while providing high functionality for the user.

In the process of testing software, we should not forget about the mobile versions of our product. To test mobile versions, software testers use special testing tools or switch to mobile versions of websites.

Who is a software tester?

A software tester is a person who walks step-by-step through the path that application users will follow in the future. The role of the tester is also to report on the problems encountered according to the degree of relevance and urgency, i.e. the impact on the operation of the application. The work of a tester in the IT industry significantly affects the quality of the software we use every day.

The testing process should take into account not only whether the software works according to the specifications provided. The software tester should also answer the question of whether the system will meet users’ requirements. Each of us has probably dealt with an application or website that is free of bugs, but completely unfriendly to the user. At the testing stage, such non-functionality should be reported by the tester as a bug so that developers will improve the application’s performance.

Testers work based on created test cases, which should provide an opportunity to see how the program will behave when performing certain actions. The more test cases that are included in software testing, the greater the confidence that the software will meet its business objectives, while maintaining high functionality, tailored to the user’s skill level.

The basic element of testing is unit testing. They should be implemented as much as possible. During these tests, individual program modules are checked, as opposed to integration testing.

An experienced tester will also take care of integration testing, which is a very important part of software testing. The role of the tester here is to verify that the interactions between the various modules run smoothly. Without this type of testing, the application may turn out to be completely non-functional, even if the unit testing theme has been fully implemented.

The work of the tester is now a very important role, without which the user many times had to deal with a non-functional product. Applications and software released to the market without testing can cause many negative effects, such as:

  • user dissatisfaction,
  • loss of customers,
  • Influence on company opinions,
  • financial implications,
  • The need to stop the project,
  • high cost of amendments.

It is worth remembering that the level of test coverage of an application depends on how many testers we engage, how much time we allocate to testing, or, in other words, what our testing budget is.

However, it is not worth saving money on testing. Improvements made on a finished and released application to users are a much higher cost, including image, and simply a hassle. No user has any desire to test the purchased program for us.

Multilingual websites and applications

Companies operating in the international market perform translation of their websites, applications or software into many languages. Even if our product has been tested before translation, each new language version of websites or applications requires further testing.

There are many reasons why new tests should be performed after translation. Let’s mention, for example, the differences in text length between different languages, legal aspects, new rules for shipping products, evaluating the usability of applications in the new market.

Skrivanek has extensive experience in localizing websites into multiple languages. We always subject a new language version of the site to functional and language testing. We realize that without testing, the project entrusted to us is not complete.

Software testing, on the other hand, is an essential part of any software translation and mobile application project. Many factors determine the quality of software, from the initial idea and assumptions, to the work of the programmer, to the skill of the tester. Without testing the software, we risk a lot. Our investment in the program may not only fail to deliver the expected results, but also expose us to financial and image costs.

What’s next after software testing?

Completed testing of a software or application usually does not mean that the job is done or that the user will be satisfied with the product. As a result of the tests, a report of the errors encountered is produced. Obtaining a functional and error-free website or application is possible only after making the required corrections.

The quality of software or websites is thus determined not only by the work of the tester. Equally important is whether the development team will rise to the occasion and make individual improvements.

The final version of the program still needs to be verified for changes, according to tests and user requirements. Even already published sites or applications are worth improving with new versions. In a world of dynamically changing requirements, it is virtually impossible to prepare a final version of an application. It is necessary to constantly take into account user behavior and feedback, make adjustments and follow current trends.

How much does functional testing cost?

At Skrivanek, software or website testing can be part of more complex projects or a separate service. We conduct functional tests both on the website and after the creation of a new language version of the program, regardless of the language.

Software and website testing rates depend on their size, software language, specifications, product complexity and testing requirements.

Contact us to discuss your software or website testing requirements, the scope of testing and get a free quote. Our software testers are at your service.

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