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Legal translations

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Why choose us for legal translations? At Skrivanek, we offer clear and accurate translations with a focus on legal details. Our certified translators ensure that your documents are handled securely and with great care, keeping your information confidential.

Multilingual capability – Offering services in over 100 languages, we handle a wide array of legal documents across different jurisdictions.

All orders can be completed online – order a translation without leaving your home or office, as we can send all translated documents by e-mail, including certified translations with a qualified electronic signature. We can also send traditional, certified paper translations by post or courier.

Confidentiality – We prioritize the confidentiality and security of all legal documents entrusted to us.

Terminological consistency – We ensure precise use of legal terminology, maintaining consistency throughout all documents.

Expertise in legal terminology – We ensure precise use of legal terms, vital for the accuracy and legality of your documents.

Translations of legal texts for your company

Your work in the legal services sector not only has an impact on countless procedures and processes, but above all on people’s lives. This is why you understand better than anyone else how important it can be to choose the right words or phrases. At Skrivanek our language specialists are well versed in the legal system, which means that you can focus on the main subject of your business.

Regardless of whether you need the translation of contracts, the content of laws and regulations, court decisions or translation services during court proceedings, then our language specialists are ready to help.

Our team is also well versed in all specifics of legal texts. We are able to translate documents written in legal language in such a way as to preserve both the specifics and the spirit of the original content. When translating legal texts and documents, we strictly adhere to the required editorial and formatting requirements.

While working with legal texts for clients from any industry, confidentiality is a priority. We are certified to ISO 27001 and ISO 9001, and we effectively work with official bodies at the central and local levels, EU agencies and reputable law firms. Legal translations through Skrivanek are your guarantee of quality.


In the case of legal translations, which often contain sensitive data, absolute security is a priority. We have many years of experience in this aspect, and here are some of the reasons why you can count on us:

  • We provide secure corporate VPN connections
  • We base file transfers on our own cloud solution
  • We use HTTPS protocols and SSL certificates on company websites
  • We have a redundant corporate network and firewall
  • We protect workstations and mobile equipment through a reputable antivirus package
  • We use hardware encryption of enterprise-class mobile equipment
  • We maintain our Office 365 with OAuth 2.0 dual authorization
  • We regularly make backup copies
  • We conduct automatic network and service monitoring
  • We store all data internally or on EU servers
Secure and accurate legal translations are crucial. Contact Skrivanek today for reliable legal translation services that meet the highest standards of quality and confidentiality.
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Clients who trust us:
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I have been working with the agency for several years and it has always been a very good experience – I really appreciate their punctuality and very friendly atmosphere.

Olga M.

Fast, efficient, easy contact in case of doubt. We use the services again and probably not the last. I recommend!

Kinga O.

Very quick quote and even faster order fulfillment. Thank you very much. I recommend

Sylwia N.

Nice and helpful staff. Fast order fulfillment and very favorable service prices. I have been using it since the beginning of the company’s existence.

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Great communication, fast and friendly service. I will definitely use Skrivanek’s help again.

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Professional approach to the client, very quick and specific answers to questions, trouble-free modifications of orders, express service.

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Excellent communication throughout the project. Very fast and professional project implementation time. Competitive prices. I recommend their services to others and plan to use their services again.

Alexander W.

How can we help you work?
  • Companies and institutions working with legal services and the judiciary most often need certified translations.
  • Our sworn translators can deal with all kinds of drafts and documents – court decisions, notifications, applications and powers of attorney. We can also translate other documents closely related to your work, including expert opinions, final conclusions, laws and regulations, company founding documents and other legal texts.
  • For many kinds of events, such as mediations, court hearings or business meetings, then we provide assistance with interpreting as well as sworn translator services.
  • We can also provide sworn interpreters experienced in sign language. If you are expecting people from abroad, then you may be interested in the services related to interpreter assistance for foreign representatives. This greatly eases all levels of contact and provides an extraordinary level of communication.
  • At the Skrivanek language school we can help you with specialized language courses at many levels of language proficiency. Tailor-made training is also possible for specific terminology. Thanks to us, you can learn how to use legal language proficiently.
  • We are open to working in the fields of innovative or non-standard services that meet your expectations. Our doors are always open to your needs and challenges, while our knowledge and experience guarantee high-quality legal translations. Contact us today, and learn more about how we can help you with your work.

We are also open to providing innovative or non-standard services. These depend solely on your expectations.

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Legal translations for many industries, in over 100 languages:


Due to their nature, legal translations must differ significantly from marketing translations. So what are the characteristics of translating legal texts?

  • Fidelity: legal translations are particularly demanding, as they require not only the literal transmission of content, but also fidelity in mapping the precise legal terms and language constructions. Here there is no room for free adaptation or interpretation, the key is to render the original content unchanged.
  • No room for creativity: unlike marketing translations, legal translations leave no room for creativity or the creation of new content. The priority is to maintain accuracy and fidelity to the original text so as not to introduce any misunderstandings or interpretation errors.
  • Understanding the source text in terms of its structure: legal translations require not only a knowledge of the individual words and terms, but also an understanding of the structure and logic of the entire text, including the legal systems used by both countries. It is important to convey the correct order of arguments, points or assumptions so that the message is understandable and remains consistent.
  • Precision and terminology: legal translations require perfect precision and the use of appropriate legal terminology. Understanding the terminology and legal language conventions is essential for translations to comply with the legal requirements and to have full meaning.
  • Reliability and confidentiality: legal translations require integrity and confidentiality. Legal translators are required to maintain full confidentiality of the information they provide and to adhere to a code of ethics to ensure client trust and data protection.

In legal and legal translations, it is also important to understand the legal context, as well as the application of appropriate legal norms and regulations.

tłumaczenia prawnicze, czynności tłumacza przysięgłego, prawidłowego przygotowania przekładu, akty notarialne danej dziedziny prawa
tłumaczenia prawnicze, czynności tłumacza przysięgłego, prawidłowego przygotowania przekładu, akty notarialne danej dziedziny prawa
tłumaczenia prawnicze, czynności tłumacza przysięgłego, prawidłowego przygotowania przekładu, akty notarialne danej dziedziny prawa

Certified translations are an important part of our services, especially in the context of legal and court translations. Our team of experienced sworn translators is ready to meet your needs in the field of translating documents related to court proceedings.

Legal translations performed by a sworn translator are often necessary in the case of the translation of judgments, orders, procedural acts and other documents that are applicable in court proceedings. Our goal is to provide the highest quality translations that faithfully reflect the content of the original document, while maintaining its formal nature. Our sworn translators not only know the foreign language, but also fully understand the specificity of legal language and are able to precisely convey the terminology and legal constructions in the target language. Thanks to this, court translations are not only accurate, but also comply with the formal and legal requirements.


In the field of legal translation, there is a wide range of specializations that cover the various types of legal documents and texts. Legal translators are not only proficient in languages, but also have in-depth legal knowledge and understand the specifics of the legal systems.

What kind of legal translations do we provide at the Skrivanek translation agency?

  • Translations of agreements: we translate commercial, lease, commission, etc. essentially any agreements that ensure the accurate transmission of key terms and contractual obligations.
  • Translations of legal acts: we translate notarial deeds, laws and regulations to ensure full understanding of the legal provisions.
  • Translations of court decisions and court judgments: we translate judgments and court orders to enable their understanding and effective interpretation.
  • Translations of legal opinions: we translate legal opinions and expert opinions to enable full understanding and analysis of the legal issues.
  • Translations of regulations and policies: we translate corporate regulations, privacy policies and other documents to ensure compliance with the regulations and to achieve appropriate levels of communication with clients and business partners.
  • Translations of corporate documentation: we translate company statutes, minutes of meetings and other documents to facilitate the management and operation of different businesses.
  • Translations of patents and patent applications: we translate descriptions of inventions and patent applications to ensure their understanding and legal protection.
  • Translations of procedural documents: we translate lawsuits, responses to lawsuits and other documents related to court proceedings, all to ensure the effective handling of the case.
  • Translations of license agreements: we translate license and business agreements, to ensure clear and precise definition of the conditions for using copyrights or using products or services.

This is only a part of the legal translation services that we offer. We always act with full commitment and take care to maintain the accuracy, precision and original meaning of each text. Regardless of the type of document, whether it is a commercial agreement, legal act, court decision, legal opinion, notarial deed or corporate documentation, we guarantee that our translations are professional and comply with all the legal requirements. Our goal is to ensure an effective agreement between the parties and full compliance with the applicable laws.


We specialize in legal translations and guarantee both full confidentiality and discretion. Our experienced legal translation team perfectly understands the importance of the security of all the information provided, and applies the highest standards of confidentiality. We attach great importance to protecting the confidentiality of the documents that are entrusted to us. Our legal translators sign confidentiality agreements, and we use advanced technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of the transferred data.

You can rest assured that your documents and information remain in safe hands. We operate in accordance with the highest ethical and professional standards, ensuring full discretion and confidentiality in every translation project.


Consistency as well as terminological consistency are essential in legal translations, both for linguistic and legal aspects. Errors in terminology and inconsistent use of terms can have serious consequences, both for the parties to the contract and for the translator.

Misunderstandings or incorrect translations of legal terms may lead to issues related to the understanding and interpretation of the text, which may result in legal disputes, financial losses or loss of credibility. That is why we care about accuracy and precision when choosing the right terminology to avoid potential legal consequences.

Cost is an important aspect to consider when translating legal documents. Terminology errors can lead to additional expenses when it becomes necessary to correct translations or engage lawyers to resolve ambiguities. Therefore, investing in high-quality legal translations that ensure the correct precision and terminology can bring savings and help avoid potential costs and legal problems.

Taking care of the terminological consistency and strict compliance with the legal requirements are key elements of our work as legal translators. Thanks to this, we can provide our clients with high-quality translations, minimizing the potential risk of legal consequences and thus saving the time and costs related to any corrections and disputes.


Legal translations are an extremely important and dynamically developing segment of the translation industry. Legal language, characterized by a high degree of precision and terminology, is a challenge for translators.

By offering high-quality legal translations, our experienced team ensures terminological precision and compliance with all the legal and technical requirements. We provide not only written translations, but also interpreting during conferences, business meetings and other events. Regardless of your translation needs, our company is happy to meet the expectations of everyone in the legal industry.

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