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WordPress based website translation via WPML

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WPML, or how to localise your website in the most efficient way.

WPML – The WordPress Multilingual Plug-in


WPML is one of the most popular multilingual WordPress plug-ins. It has been created by OnTheGoSystems, and without a single doubt, it is now one of the best web translation plug-ins.

WPML makes it easy to build multilingual sites, corporate websites, and blogs. Its friendly and intuitive interface saves precious minutes when you create additional language versions of your site. WPML will also streamline the management of a multilingual website via single installation. It is enough to select languages for your site and start translating its content.

WPML – the best solution for WordPress translations


As an authorised WPML partner, we offer a website localisation service using the WPML plug-in. Thanks to it, we are able to handle and deliver even the most complex translation projects.

Using WPML speeds up and simplifies the process of website translation and is particularly helpful when creating multiple language versions of the site. WPML allows you to translate all types of content on the website, from articles and subpages, to the content of widgets, project descriptions, and the text of references. The plug-in ensures smooth cooperation whenever you entrust translation of your site in WordPress to Skrivanek.

translations via WPML – how it works?

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Benefits of WPML:

With the help of Skrivanek and the WPML plug-in, you can easily localise your website into any language.

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