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Selling your products directly to foreign markets, especially via the Internet always includes some level of risk. As they say, the first impression is also the last impression. What this means is that your product names must communicate their intention to customers using other languages, and who may be from very different cultural backgrounds. There are numerous examples of failed advertising slogans and of misnamed products where the brand meaning, overtones and associations lacked sufficient research in the target market.

Before a brand debuts in a foreign market, we need to establish how it will be perceived there. Indeed, linguistic and cultural differences can result in quite unexpected interpretations.

However, assuring your brand achieves the right reception in global markets can be achieved by first ensuring that all communications pass the following checklist:
  • Simplify the message to facilitate its smooth translation;
  • Avoid idiomatic expressions and buzzwords, instead write in a universally understandable manner;
  • Pay attention to local customs and cultural norms, your own and in the target market, to avoid embarrassing mistakes and unwanted interpretations;
  • Keep all written work consistent.
At Skrivanek we provide globalisation advice services to aid our business customers in defining, planning and implementing their global strategies in foreign markets. We approach each project from the perspective of the business goals, analysing all potential problems in order to offer high-level solutions.

We evaluate brand and product names, sales literature and service descriptions in the context of your target market, identifying any potential linguistic or cultural barriers. We examine the meanings, impact, tone, content, format and all other characteristics of your communications from the perspective of the specific market and culture. As a result, you can avoid problems with unexpected customer reactions, while your brand and product names appear in search engines in a form that is best optimised for the target market environment.

Our localisation advice services include:

  • Linguistic reviewing of your current company and product names;
  • Checking for potentially offensive or embarrassing linguistic associations;
  • Establishing similarity to other words in a given language;
  • Analysing your logo for similarities or associations with other symbols;
  • Reviewing your source texts in terms of their suitability for foreign audiences;
  • Checking the meaning and impact of pictures and illustrations within a specific culture circle;
  • Localisation of advertising slogans.
To effectively and efficiently evaluate your names and slogans, we use a global network of experienced translators and proofreaders. This gives you access to local market experience, which is of fundamental importance here.

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