We believe that every translation done by our agency must be verified before it is delivered. All our translation jobs are subject to an internal quality control process, which involves double-checking the completeness of the translation, the terminology used, the numbering and the application of regional rules, the figures and addresses, as well as the formatting of the text.
In addition, depending on the purpose of the translation, we suggest additional checks: native speaker proofreading, independent review and pre-print proofing. We always try to emphasise that some texts, especially those intended for publication (e.g. websites), are likely to benefit from additional checks.

We offer three types of proofreading:

Proofreading by a native speaker
This involves checking the translation by a native speaker of the given language. The purpose of this type of proofreading is to make the translated text read naturally and smoothly in the target language. Proofreaders verify the grammatical correctness of the translation and adjust its style to the target language recipient. They also make sure that the text uses adequate vocabulary while staying as faithful to the original as possible. By default, proofreading by a native speaker does not involve cultural adaptation (adjusting the text to the given cultural context) or copywriting. Both are only performed after consulting the client about the purpose of the translation and the country in which it is meant to function.
Source-target comparison (independent review)

The translation is compared against the original by a second translator. We select our reviewers based on their expertise in the field covered by the text. Independent review is designed to improve the text in terms of semantic, substantive and terminological compliance with the original.

Pre-print proofing

This is done after DTP processing in translations that are intended for print. We focus on maintaining the typographic conventions of the target language, improving formatting and word hyphenation, ensuring that all characters and images are correctly displayed, as well as checking the text for completeness. The purpose of pre-print proofing is removing the defects that might arise after DTP processing. The service is performed by inserting comments in the proof. However, it does not include proofreading or independent review and should not be seen as replacing them.

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Our company has been using the services of Skrivanek for several years. We commission regular and sworn translations, mostly into English and Russian. From time to time, we also order translations into Romanian and Azerbaijani. The most common types of translated documents are certificates and reports from non-clinical and clinical trials employing specialist vocabulary relating to pharmacy, medicine and chemistry. Skrivanek ensures high quality of its translations and confidentiality of information.

Aflofarm Farmacja Polska sp. z o.o.

Skrivanek is a competent and reliable partner. In November 2009, we started collaborating on regular and sworn translations from English into Polish. The professional attitude towards translation testified to the great expertise of the Skrivanek team and resulted in a satisfied client. Having witnessed their commitment and competence, I can recommend the services of Skrivanek to all those interested.

Amago sp. z o.o.

The company has provided an interpreting service rendered by professional Russian language interpreters along with the necessary interpreting equipment. We are very satisfied with the collaboration with Skrivanek. Skrivanek’s Conference Service Centre has proven to be a competent conference organiser providing high-quality interpreting services. The thorough completion of its orders makes Skrivanek a reliable partner in the organisation of conferences.

Vector Sp. z o.o.

The Skrivanek team is very flexible in its work, while being quick to respond to pressing needs and suggestions. Their translations are done in a professional and timely manner. The accuracy of the translations and the calculation of costs left little to be desired.
We are very satisfied with the translations done by Skrivanek, and will therefore gladly continue to use its services, as well as recommend it to other companies working with foreign entities.

Agram Chłodnia w Lublinie S.A.

Skrivanek has done several dozen translations for us. These were mainly technical documents employing IT and finance terminology. The quality of the translations and their smooth delivery has helped us in business relations with foreign clients. The company deserves particular commendation for the implementation of ISO 9001:2008 compliant procedures in the process of receiving and fulfilling orders. We can recommend Skrivanek as a trustworthy partner who works to ensure efficient collaboration and achieving the expected results.

Asseco Poland S.A.

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