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Certification and security

The ISO 9001 standard helps ensure the high quality of business management and customer service. In our daily work, we focus on the needs of our Clients, ensuring the high quality of our translations and continuously improving our company operations.

The ISO 14001 standard provides for the appropriate environmental performance, testifying to the responsibility and care for the environment inherent in our business.

The ISO 27001 standard certifies that information is managed in a properly secure way. We work with various documents and information on a daily basis, much of which are confidential. It is important to us that all employees are aware of our great responsibility, particularly when working on translations for our Clients.

The EN 17100 standard provides guidelines on how to render translation services so as to ensure their highest quality, attesting that they are appropriate for the needs of EU bodies.

We would like to inform you that Skrivanek sp. z o.o. has successfully passed an external audit for operation in accordance with the ISO 18587 standard, which specifies “requirements for the process of full, human post-editing of machine translation output and post-editors’ competences”.

We make every effort to ensure that the translation services provided by our company, as well as all its operations, comply with the applicable quality standards and EU directives. We were one of the first translation agencies in Poland to implement a Quality Management System in line with the ISO 9001 standard. In 2011, we introduced an ISO 14001 compliant Environmental Management System.

Finally, in 2012, we implemented an ISO 27001 certified Information Security Management System, whose purpose is to protect information against destruction, theft and misuse. Our goal was to guarantee credibility and the effective protection of data, both our own and those belonging to our business partners, employees, public administration authorities and other relevant persons and entities, all in accordance with the provisions of the law and our internal security regulations.

Our company is also a holder of EN 17100 translation services certification, providing requirements for all aspects of the
translation process, including those necessary for ensuring quality.

2020-2024 Information Security Policy


Skrivanek is a leading provider of language services in the area of translation, interpreting, localisation, DTP and language courses in Poland and 17 countries around the world. In this document, the Management Board of the Skrivanek Group provides guidelines for measures relating to information security. The task of the Management Board is to support the attainment of the objectives outlined in this document.

Policy objectives

Our principal objective is to ensure the privacy, coherence and availability of information, both our own and those belonging to our Clients in a manner providing for the consistent and smooth operation of our business. We hereby declare to our business partners, employees, public administration authorities and all other entities in our business environment that the entire Skrivanek Group is ready to properly protect the information and the tangible and intangible assets within our control in accordance with the applicable provisions of law in countries where we operate, as well as our internal security regulations. To enforce this policy, our company has implemented an Information Security Management System conforming to ISO/IEC 27001:2022.

Information security policy
  • abide by and meet the regulations pertaining to information security applicable in all countries where the Skrivanek Groups conducts its business;
  • ensure the availability of information at all times and places required by the company, but only to those who need the information to perform their work, thus maintaining the level of secrecy necessary for the relevant categories of information: public, internal, confidential, personal;
  • manage the integrity and life cycle of information from the moment of its creation through its distribution and use until its removal;
  • educate our employees, vendors and partners in the area of information security;
  • consider any violation of the information security policy to be a serious breach of internal regulations and contract provisions;
  • identify risk-based security benchmarks deriving from the potential threats as well as implementation costs;
  • improve the efficiency of the information security system by routinely monitoring and reviewing risks, as well as managing security issues and incidents through corrective and preventive action.

2020-2024 Quality and Environmental Management Policy


Within its activity in the area of translation, interpreting, language teaching, software localisation and administration, the Management Board of SKRIVANEK sp. z o.o. undertakes to:

  • provide high-quality, comprehensive and professional language services to all our clients, actively engage with feedback, identify and respond to the demands of our clients, strive to understand their expectations and live up to them, as well as expend continuous efforts to satisfy their needs and ensure their satisfaction;
  • carefully select, monitor and assess our language service vendors in order to provide our clients with first-rate products and services, as well as to heighten their awareness of environmental issues relevant in the context of our business;
  • involve all employees in the development of the company and the improvement of its environmental profile, effectively use their knowledge and experience, recognise their value to the company and provide them with a working environment that is conducive to their self-fulfilment;
  • endeavour to create conditions encouraging all our employees to improve the efficiency and quality of our products, services, processes and management systems;
  • strive to create excellent working conditions for all our employees, with a view to ensuring the safe performance of their professional duties;
  • conduct all activities in accordance with the provisions of law and other regulations pertaining to environmental protection and occupational health and safety, preventing pollution in our everyday activities and reducing our adverse impact on the environment;
  • openly communicate with the public and state authorities on environmental issues.

This policy is binding for all employees. The Management Board undertakes to regularly review this Policy to ensure that it is in alignment with the current objectives of the company while providing an adequate framework to identify and analyse QMS and EMS goals and contributing to the continuous improvement of these systems.

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