13 Oct: – website localisation

NAC is a distributor of home and garden equipment that started back in 1990. Thanks to its innovative approach to the distribution of selected equipment and its marketing strategy, NAC has become a leading player in the gardening market, achieving dynamic growth and global recognition.

conversation with a customer

13 Oct: How can a short conversation with a customer help secure a long-term business partner?

Skrivanek Translation Agency offers language services in more than 100 languages. This would probably be nothing unusual if it were not for the fact that we are able to provide translations in various language combinations and varieties of a particular language at the customer’s request. This time, our translation agency took on the complex linguistic support of a company that is a pioneer in the field of financial fraud prevention.


21 Aug: The key to global communication and exchange of experiences: a case study of simultaneous interpretation by Skrivanek

In January 2023, the Skrivanek translation agency in Warsaw provided translation services during an international workshop on preventing the smuggling of works of art and other cultural goods, entitled: Fighting the illicit trafficking of Ukrainian cultural property: subregional capacity-building training for law enforcement and the judiciary organized by the National Heritage Board of Poland in cooperation with UNESCO.

certified translations

17 Jul: Preparation of certified translations in an innovative way

Certified translations appear regularly in our work, but unfortunately, it is very often impossible to use the latest translation technologies when performing them. The Act of 25 November 2004 on the Profession of Sworn Translators specifies the manner of acquiring the qualifications and very precisely describes the manner of performing this profession.

Translation of a training project

11 Jul: Translation of a multi-stage training project

Conducting certified training is a process consisting of many stages, all the more complicated if the training material and trainers themselves use a different language than the trainees. The training itself, i.e. the visible part of the process, is only a step. First, you need to create a training scenario, select the participants, assess their training needs, schedule meetings, prepare training materials, arrange the final certification test. The key to doing this is choosing a responsible translation agency that will take care of the f translations and interpretation in a professional and collaborative way.


11 Jul: Poor quality recordings

Nowadays, in an era of globalization and constant rush, video materials for films, series, adverts, presentations or messages are the most easily digestible form of information. This means they are the preferred forms of disseminating content and information to a wide audience, distributed and viewed all over the world. The audiovisual translations that we provide for our clients enable them to reach recipients from every corner of the world, all in the recipients’ native languages, which further facilitates the understanding of the message being conveyed.

37 languages

11 Jul: Translation of corporate documents into 37 languages

They once said that the sun never sets on the British Empire, but this statement now applies to the countless multinational corporations that have branches scattered around the world. With the need for translations into dozens of languages as a daily routine, it is best to use the services of a translation company that has experience in working with corporations, offering a wide range of language combinations. In this way, the entire translation process can be carried out in one place – simply and professionally.

file formats

11 Jul: Unusual file formats in multilingual jobs

Multilingual projects are by definition more complex than simple source-to-target translations. The project manager has to manage the work of the whole team of translators and proofreaders, from finding the right people, through carefully planning their work to smoothly moving from one stage to the next (translation > proofreading > internal quality control), while keeping track of the agreed delivery deadlines. Sometimes the situation becomes even more complicated, when the client has their own preferences regarding the file format and the method of sending ready translations. That is exactly what happened in this case.

machine translation

11 Jul: Swift machine translation for internal use

Organizing a meeting involving people from many countries is a difficult undertaking, one that requires the resolution of many details. It is easy to forget about a seemingly small yet crucial issue. This is the kind of thing we need to consider in the preparation of documentation in the appropriate language versions.