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The key to global communication and exchange of experiences: a case study of simultaneous interpretation by Skrivanek


In January 2023, the Skrivanek translation agency in Warsaw provided translation services during an international workshop on preventing the smuggling of works of art and other cultural goods, entitled: Fighting the illicit trafficking of Ukrainian cultural property: subregional capacity-building training for law enforcement and the judiciary organized by the National Heritage Board of Poland in cooperation with UNESCO.

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The National Heritage Board of Poland, the organizer of the workshop, is a state cultural institution operating under the auspices of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. The Institute gathers experts who support both the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and other public institutions in the field of protection and care of monuments. The mission of the Institute is, among others, setting and disseminating standards for the protection and conservation of monuments, as well as building social awareness and popularizing knowledge in the field of cultural heritage.

The client turned to our company with a request for comprehensive translation services for workshops on counteracting illegal trade in works of art. The workshop was to be an important and prestigious event due to the participation of international experts and the involvement of UNESCO.

The main challenges we had to face in operating the workshops were:

  1. Multilingualism: bringing together participants from different countries required live translations from national languages into English and vice versa. The translations had to be smooth and precise to maintain the authenticity of the conveyed content.
  2. Complicated programme: the workshop had a rich programme, including not only presentations, but also discussion panels and exhibitions. This required a high level of flexibility from our translators to be able to deal with different areas of knowledge and cultural fields.
  3. Technical aspects: the organization of parallel sessions required appropriate interpretation equipment (5 fully equipped booths, 75 receivers), the work of technicians who constantly watched over the course of the event and the coordination of a team of many interpreters.
  4. Issues discussed at the conference, requiring specialist knowledge and knowledge of the appropriate industry terminology.

In order to meet the expectations of our client, we had to take the following actions during the implementation of this project:

  • the right selection of qualified translators specializing in translations in the field of culture, art and law.
  • the use of the most modern tools for simultaneous translation ensuring smooth communication in real time.
  • carrying out a site inspection of the place where the workshop was to take place (checking the size of the room, setting up chairs, etc.) During the conference itself, our company provided a team of coordinators who monitored the work of the translators, solved any technical problems and ensured smooth transitions between languages.
  • guaranteeing fully professional preparation of translators by providing access to materials used during workshops; thanks to this, the translators had the opportunity to prepare even better for the topics discussed.

Our team took up the challenge with determination and commitment. Acting as a reliable partner for the client, we provided comprehensive translation services at the highest level. Our efforts have resulted in success, bringing customer satisfaction and strengthening our reputation as a professional provider of translation services for events of international importance.

We engaged 10 translators in the project in the following language combinations: Polish-English, Polish-Hungarian, Polish-Romanian, Polish-Ukrainian and Polish-Slovak translation. The lectures were mostly delivered in English, but some speeches were also in other languages; therefore, sometimes direct translation from the source language to the target language was not enough, sometimes relay translation was needed.

An important element of the workshop service was the provision of appropriate translation equipment. Our company provided booths, audio equipment, headphones and receivers for participants who needed interpretation. This allowed for convenient and uninterrupted use of translations during presentations.

Giving us a reference, the client wrote:

Cooperation with Skrivanek was very efficient and satisfying. The translators carrying out the order on behalf of Skrivanek demonstrated knowledge of specialist terminology, and the quality of the translations was well appreciated by both the organizers and workshop participants. Therefore, we can recommend the Skrivanek company as professional provider of simultaneous translations.


If you are planning an international conference, training or other important business event and need professional translation services, we encourage you to use our services. Skrivanek has many years of extensive experience in handling various events on an international scale and ensures excellent quality of translations. Thanks to our language specialists, modern tools for simultaneous interpretation and carefully planned logistics, we guarantee efficient and effective communication between participants of business meetings from different countries, regardless of the language in which presentations and discussions are conducted. Our experience in the field of interpreting and numerous positive opinions of satisfied customers confirm our ability to meet even the greatest challenges.

We encourage you to find out today how we can help you succeed on the international arena.

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