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Content creation services

Content creation services, increase brand awareness
Content creation services, increase brand awareness

How do you create content that acts like a magnet, attracts attention and builds a loyal community of followers hanging on your every word? Is it enough to post something online and wait for results? Unfortunately, the effective content creation process is more complex than it seems.

Do you know exactly who your audience is, and what keeps them coming back for more? Which platforms and formats resonate best with your content? How can you utilise SEO to make your texts stand out? Think about these questions, and if you want digital marketing experts to handle your communication, feel free to reach out to us.

Targeted content

Content must be written for a specific target audience; otherwise, it simply does not work. Get to know your audience. When creating content, think about who will be reading your texts.

Who are these people? What are their age, gender, profession, and hobbies? This analysis should be conducted to facilitate future marketing efforts. Try creating your personas, and detailed profiles representing your ideal audience. Understand their needs, aspirations, fears, and interests.

Gather data

Do not operate in the dark. Your target audience may surprise you by not acting in the way you think they should. To fully understand them, use data analysis tools.

Google Analytics and social media analytics tools provide access to extremely useful data on how users interact with your content. Which posts get the most likes, comments, and shares? Which videos are watched to the end? This information helps you tailor your content to the real interests of your audience.

Using tools like Google Trends, find out what concerns your readers. Focus on niche issues that have not yet been resolved. By doing so, you will increase the engagement of your target audience and will not get lost in the crowd of similar content.

Listen and learn

Engaging with your audience is not just about responding to comments. Actively listen to what they have to say. Social listening, which involves monitoring mentions of your brand, industry, and competition on social media, provides valuable insights into your audience’s expectations. Use surveys and even private conversations for this purpose.

Pay attention to the questions they ask, the problems they discuss, and the topics that excite them. Based on this, create content that easily aligns with their tastes. Remember, knowing your audience is one thing, but applying that knowledge is something entirely different. Your content should be like a mirror in which your audience sees their interests.

If your audience loves video tutorials, give them video tutorials. Do they prefer detailed step-by-step guides in blog format? Do not disappoint them by ignoring this content type. Experiment with different formats and tones of voice, but always keep in mind the preferences of your target group. Try to speak the same language as your audience.

social media marketing strategy
social media strategy
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Choose the right platform

The proper platform is where you find your potential customers. It might differ depending on the industry. Check where your target group is most active. Could it be Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn?

Social media is excellent for building communities and engaging audiences with short, catchy content. On Instagram or TikTok, video content rules, capturing attention quickly. LinkedIn is where valuable, industry-specific content builds your position as an expert.

Blogs and websites, on the other hand, are your domain. Here, you can create longer, more detailed content, full of valuable knowledge. High-quality content and SEO will help draw organic (and paid) traffic from search engines.

Find an effective format

Text, video, audio, and infographics are just a few examples of content formats used in content marketing. Each has its advantages and fits different scenarios perfectly.


Text is great for blogs in the form of in-depth articles. It allows you to explain topics in detail. However, not everyone has the time to spend several minutes reading content from start to finish. Therefore, ensure your text is well-structured. It should facilitate scanning and skimming.


An absolute hit on social media platforms. Video, unlike any other format, showcases the personality of your brand and the products you sell. It helps convey knowledge in an accessible way. The downside of video is its higher cost and the need for technical skills to create high-quality material.


Podcasts are gaining popularity. They are a great option for those who prefer listening over reading or watching. This format is excellent for building a close relationship with your audience. However, monitoring listener engagement is more challenging than with video or text.


This format allows you to present complex data in a simple, accessible way. Infographics are visually appealing and easy to share, but require a good aesthetic sense and design skills.

Different formats complement each other. An infographic on your blog, a video on Instagram, and a text summary of your podcast – these are just a few examples of how to juggle your brand’s content.

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social media content strategy
digital marketing strategy

Secrets of attractive content

How do you reach the hearts of your audience? This question bothers many creators, bloggers, and marketers. Check out these tips to make your content stand out from the average.


Tell stories. They have the power to hold attention for longer periods. Stories make it easier to remember complex concepts and encourage continued reading. It is really difficult to pull away from a good story.

Storytelling is not just about bedtime fairy tales. It is a powerful marketing tool that builds an emotional connection with your audience. A well-told story makes your brand more human.

How do you use storytelling? Think about what makes your audience laugh, what moves them, and what inspires them. It could be a customer success story, an anecdote from your company’s life, or just a funny post inspired by real-life events. Evoke a smile or strong emotions. Use only authentic stories that are close to what your brand represents.

Humour is your ally

Humour is a fantastic way to break the ice and build a relationship with your audience. However, remember that it must be tailored to your audience and industry. Funny memes and light jokes work wonders in some contexts, but when used inappropriately, they cross the line of good taste.

Be open to a response

Today’s audiences crave to be part of the narrative, not just passive observers. Create content that allows for interaction. Surveys, quizzes, contests, and even simple questions on social media encourage comments and engagement. This direct interaction makes the audience feel valued. What is more, it strengthens their connection with your brand.

Approach the topic in a creative manner

In a sea of content, originality and creativity simply make you stand out. Do not be afraid to implement new ideas, even if they seem risky at first. Perhaps a unique video format or a surprising social media campaign will go viral?

Even the best idea requires solid execution. Added value in the form of good quality and professionalism never goes out of style.

Creating attractive content is a process of continuous learning and adaptation. Observe your audience and follow trends, but above all: create your unique voice. Your content will greatly benefit from it.

Take care of SEO copywriting

Even the most valuable content is useless if it cannot be found by those who need it at the right time. How do internet users search for answers? Most often, it is through organic search results for a specific phrase.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a strategy that allows your content to reach a wider audience. The well-thought-out actions will lead readers straight to your website. Understand how this process works to make the best use of it.

Google, Bing, and other search engines use algorithms to scan and index content on the web. If you can convince them that your content is valuable, relevant, and worth displaying in search results, it will appear at the top. How do you do that? Use the right keywords, ensure the quality of your copywriting, and its usefulness to users, and optimise the technical aspects of your website.

Practical tips for content optimisation

The basis of SEO is keywords. Check which are most frequently used by your target group when browsing. Use appropriate tools like Google Keyword Planner or SEMrush for this. Weave these phrases naturally into your content, headings, meta descriptions, and image Alt texts.

Google rewards valuable content. Your articles and posts should not only be well-written but, above all, useful to your audience. Write content that genuinely answers user queries.

SEO is not just about content, but also about how your site operates. Make sure it is fast, responsive (works well on mobile devices), and has a well-organised structure. Use effective HTML tags and create clear URLs. Users should navigate your site easily.

Acquire links from other reputable sites. This can be compared to gaining “recommendations” for Google. Link building should be done honestly, through valuable texts that are naturally shared by readers.

Monitor your SEO progress. Use Google Analytics to track how your content is performing in search engines. Monitor traffic on your site, bounce rate, time spent viewing an article, and other metrics. This data will allow you to adjust your SEO strategies and continually improve them.

Getting to the top of search engine rankings is a marathon, not a sprint. SEO takes time and continuous work. But, without any doubt, the results in increased site traffic and better user engagement are worth it. Start with small steps and experiment. Give it time, and you will see the initial results soon.

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content marketing services

Promote your content

Now, that you know how to create valuable content, it is time to promote it. The strategic efforts will extend your reach and bring your content to a wider audience.

Social media

Once you have content you are proud of, start with social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn: each of these platforms offers a unique way to promote your content.

Use Facebook and LinkedIn to share longer articles. On Instagram and TikTok, post short clips of your work. Remember to tailor your content to each platform’s specifics in terms of post length.

Encourage likes, comments, and shares. Ask questions, and solicit opinions. The more interaction you get, the more visible you become on social media. Engage influencers as well. Collaborating with influential people online is a proven way to increase your reach. Always act following your brand’s values.

E-mail marketing

You can rely on newsletters, regardless of the whims of social media algorithms. It is an excellent way to stay in touch with your audience and deliver valuable content straight to their inboxes. Personalise your messages, segment your audience, and always provide valuable information they cannot find anywhere else.

Guest posts

Do you personally know influencers you could collaborate with? Great! Guest posts on blogs or joint live streams on Instagram are exquisite ways to reach new audiences. Content exchange and recommendations open doors to exciting possibilities.

Paid advertising

Consider using paid ads on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google. They are most effective when used with a specific goal in mind: promoting a new product or an event. Pay attention to the content and design of your ads. Carry out precise targeting to reach the people most interested in your content.

Content promotion is not a one-off effort, but hard work. Analyse results, experiment with different strategies, and be flexible to adapt to changing trends.

Analyse results to tailor your strategy

Measure the effectiveness of your content creation. Check how many people clicked on your post. Try to understand what content works, why it works, and how you can use this information to improve future efforts.

Use data to adjust your strategies. If you notice that certain types of content have higher engagement rates, consider what makes them stand out and how you can use this for better content.

What worked last month might not be effective now. Continuously adjust your strategy based on the data you collect. If you find that certain channels or types of content are not giving the expected results, do not be afraid to change direction.

To facilitate the process of analysing and adjusting your strategy, use automation and content management tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, or Sprout Social. With their help, you can plan and publish content, as well as track your actions across different channels.

Content creation: Best practices

Create content that interests your potential customers and is optimised for search engines. How can you achieve that? Follow best practices in the industry.

  1. Create interesting content. It should reflect the character of your brand and speak to your audience. Focus on engaging storytelling and provide simple solutions to real problems.
  2. Use video to increase engagement. Showcase your product in action. This boosts engagement and highlights the value of your offer and the emotions associated with your brand.
  3. Employ calls to action (CTA). Encourage your audience to take specific actions, e.g. signing up for a newsletter or sharing content. This will help you achieve your marketing goals.
  4. Publish regularly. A set publication schedule increases audience engagement and loyalty. Are you running out of ideas? Keep track of current trends to get inspired.
  5. Leverage storytelling. Content that uses storytelling creates a stronger emotional connection with the audience.

Pitfalls in creating valuable content

Unfortunately, just writing content or making videos will not be enough. Here are some pitfalls that beginner creators often encounter.

  1. Quantity over quality. A large amount of content without a clear purpose leads to a waste of resources and low engagement.
  2. Neglecting SEO is like writing a great book that no one can find in the library. Good SEO helps your audience find your content.
  3. Not analysing content results is a missed opportunity to understand what works and what does not. Regular analysis leaves room for continuous improvement of your strategy.
  4. Not using a correct tone of voice that resonates with your audience will lead to a lack of response from them.
  5. Content that is too sales-oriented, without educational or entertainment value, repels the audience.
  6. Ignoring audience feedback and comments is a missed opportunity for content improvement.
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How can you create attention-grabbing content?

Are you short on time for regular content creation? Have you ever written an article and eagerly awaited a reaction, only to be awarded with… complete silence?

Discover our AI-driven content creation packages: Lite, Standard, and Pro. We will take content creation off your hands, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.


Choose the Lite package if you desire content that is direct, concise, and tailored to your business. The texts are AI-generated and complemented with appropriate images that attract attention and strengthen the message.

The Lite Package includes:

  • AI-generated content tailored to your domain,
  • 10 articles (ranging from 800 to 1000 words; text length and article count can be customised to meet client requirements),
  • proofreading by a native speaker (every text will be reviewed by a human),
  • articles will be delivered in an editable file format,
  • content will be optimised for SEO,
  • 1–4 images created using artificial intelligence,
  • two rounds of revisions,
  • regular publication,
  • no fixed-term contract.

Standard Package

The Standard Package offers a comprehensive solution that includes content creation and publication on your website. We enrich the content with elements that complement your digital presence. We handle the entire publication process.

The Standard Package provides:

  • 10–15 articles,
  • proofreading by a native speaker (each article will be reviewed by a human),
  • articles published on the client’s website via the WordPress dashboard,
  • unique content designed for SEO,
  • 5–10 images generated using artificial intelligence,
  • two rounds of revisions included in the price,
  • articles regularly published on the site,
  • a minimum contract of six months.

Pro Package

The Pro Package is our most advanced offering. This comprehensive, SEO-optimised service significantly enhances your online presence. In addition to the features of the Standard Package, it includes internal linking and is fully SEO-optimised. High-quality texts ensure good online visibility.

The Pro Package offers you:

  • articles written by a copywriter,
  • SEO strategies tailored individually,
  • option for additional proofreading by a native speaker,
  • number of photos agreed with the client,
  • option for a short video summarising the article,
  • text sent using a specialised SEO tool,
  • two rounds of revisions included in the price,
  • no fixed-term contract,
  • content created in multiple languages.

Select the package that best suits your needs in terms of the number of texts published and additional options. Content creation from Skrivanek is a scalable solution for businesses wanting to leverage AI capabilities while maintaining high standards. Contact us to learn more.

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