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Translation of a multi-stage training project

Translation of a training project

Conducting certified training is a process consisting of many stages, all the more complicated if the training material and trainers themselves use a different language than the trainees. The training itself, i.e. the visible part of the process, is only a step. First, you need to create a training scenario, select the participants, assess their training needs, schedule meetings, prepare training materials, arrange the final certification test.  The key to doing this is choosing a responsible translation agency that will take care of the f translations and interpretation in a professional and collaborative way.

Translation of a training project

Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is a charitable organization existing since 1943. Originally established by Catholic bishops in the United States to assist the victims of World War II in Europe. Currently, the organization reaches over 130 million people in over 100 countries on 5 continents and helps the poor and disadvantaged regardless of their religion or origin. Fulfilling its mission, CRS cooperates with Catholic charitable institutions and non-governmental secular organizations around the world (in Poland, among others, with Caritas).

The client came to us with a training project, in the implementation of which he needed support in the field of translation of a 200-page training manual and training materials from English into Polish, translation of exam questions in the client’s secure environment (confidential information), and providing simultaneous interpretation in the English-Polish combination during online training sessions. At Skrivank, maintaining the confidentiality of materials sent to us is one of the basic principles, moreover, we can boast of ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certificates, so our customers can be sure that the materials sent to us are safe. The main problem was the short time provided for the preparation of training materials (including the entire training manual).

New technologies came to our aid, which we used to translate extensive materials at an express pace. The bulky manual was to be translated using a machine translation engine and then subjected to full post-editing, which was of course agreed with the client. At the same time, presentations were to be translated in a traditional way to maintain their shape, form and graphic design. To translate the exam questions, we had to refer a translator with experience in translating on the SmartCat platform, who had to sign an additional confidentiality agreement. Thanks to this and thanks to working in an environment controlled by the client, we could be sure that the confidential content of the exam would not be circulated anywhere.

Compared to written translations, which were carried out in several different programs and using different translation technologies, simultaneous interpreting taking place online did not cause us problems. For years we have been at the forefront of our industry when it comes to translation services provided on the web, so we have many translators with experience working on all the most popular messenging and audio-visual platforms.

Thanks to the use of machine translation, the training manual was prepared on time, and its content sounded very good thanks to the use of full post-editing. Similarly, the presentations and content of the exam were professionally translated taking care of terminological consistency, which could have been crucial for students during the training and exam itself. The project manager was in constant contact with the client and step by step led the process of preparation and implementation of the training. As a result, almost 70 people from the Caritas Poland network were able to obtain the training certification.

„Skrivanek proved to be a strong partner for our translation work,” said CRS’ representative, „we collaborated well and delivered a multi-dimensional professional service in an efficient and timely way.”


We are delighted to have been part of a much-needed project by CRS to support NGOs around the world. If your company also operates in an international environment and conducts training projects or other complex projects requiring translation and interpretation, please contact Skrivanek! We will be happy to provide you with support in this area, guaranteeing data security and providing translators with experience in working with the tools required by the client.

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