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Updating a completed translation based on new industry-specific terminology – specialised translation


Running an international company and establishing business relationships with contractors from around the world involves, for example, the need to adapt your offer to the specific target audience. In this regard, translations are essential, as they enable smooth and uninterrupted communication between businesses. However, it may occur that a potential foreign contractor has specific expectations regarding industry-specific terminology, which might require the Polish company to align all of its (previously translated) texts with the new guidelines. Even in such a scenario, rest assured that our clients can rely on our support. We are extremely flexible and we can also help you with updating a text that has been already translated.


Our client is a Polish company – a leading manufacturer of normobaric chambers and carbon steel tanks. Their products reach clients from all over the world, not only Europe but also from Africa, North America, and Australia. The company has been operating on the market for over 60 years and has received a number of awards and certificates. It is constantly developing and acquiring new contractors as well as end clients from various parts of the world.

Over time, we completed a significant number of translations into German for the client. Nevertheless, it turned out that modifications would be necessary, as the German contractor expressed the need to standardise the specialised terminology, ensuring that the nomenclature aligns with the standards established by the foreign company. However, throughout the history of our cooperation, we have not received a glossary or reference materials from our client; as a result, the translations were performed applying the most commonly used vocabulary for the respective field. Furthermore, the client’s notification significantly exceeded the timeframe established in our General Terms and Conditions of Cooperation. According to our company’s policies, we typically accept similar requests within 30 days of order completion, whereas in this case, it was a period of several months.

The client was well aware that they had not contacted us in due time. Nevertheless, it was extremely important for them to standardise the texts. Therefore, we decided to help them, despite the expired deadline for the request. The text underwent the first review by the translator who initially handled the task. Unfortunately, it turned out that our client’s German contractor still had concerns regarding the vocabulary used. The vocabulary in the text was extremely complex, and at that time, the client was not yet familiar with specific terminology requirements. We maintained constant contact with the client and together we decided that the best solution would be to establish a binding glossary in collaboration with the foreign partner from Germany. The proposed solution enabled us to bring the matter to a successful end. Our client’s contractor provided the necessary vocabulary, and we assigned a translator with a second review. The translator implemented changes and standardised the industry-specific terminology in all files. At the same time, we agreed that the company would not bear any additional costs for our rework on the text, considering this specific task as free support.

Despite initial failures, the entire process of updating the translations took place in a friendly atmosphere. The support and valuable guidance we received from our client caused us to depart from the commonly accepted rules in favour of reaching an amicable resolution to the matter. This situation once again demonstrated the importance of communication, dialogue, and mutual understanding in a business relationship. The individual approach to our client not only satisfied their needs related to updating industry terminology but also established long-term friendly relationships and secured potential future projects. Our clients can rest assured that we are fully prepared to assist them at every stage of the project, even in what might appear as a closed matter.

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