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Website Localisation – Specialised Online Store

Specialised Online Store

You have had your website translated, but you still need a professional to take a look at it? Opt for our quick review service. Write to us or call us, so that we can promptly provide a professional assessment of your website! Together we can select the optimal approach to achieve outstanding results, but it is always you who determines the specific budget and your priorities! Our goal is to tailor the entire process to your individual needs and specified budget. With our help, you can maintain high-quality texts on your page after applying machine translation! Do not hesitate, come and try it today!

Specialised Online Store

An innovative company in the equestrian industry, whose mission focuses on providing comprehensive protection, unparalleled comfort, and excellent performance for both horses and riders, contacted us regarding the translation of their online store. Their products are based on open-cell foam technology, which efficiently absorbs shocks, transfers weight and regulates temperature, while simultaneously eliminating pressure points. The company operates an online store offering top-of-the-line equestrian products.

Our customer wanted to quickly expand their business into the international market, so creating a multilingual online store was a top priority. Machine translation is a perfect choice in such cases, allowing the translation of vast amounts of text in a very short time. This is undoubtedly an excellent way to provide your consumers with a general understanding of the text, plus research shows that about 75% of consumers prefer shopping online in their own language!

We began the project with an analysis of the website, which was built on WordPress. We initially leaned towards traditional translation using the WPML plugin. Out of a number of different possible translation methods for the website, our customer ultimately chose machine translation post-editing, which they performed themselves using one of the popular and readily available NMT engines. We agreed that only selected pages were to be revised, with the main focus on key industry terminology.

The work was carried out in two phases, adapting the solutions to the customer’s needs on an ongoing basis. We started with the German translation – our reviewer received the selected scope of pages from the customer and initially prepared a glossary containing the most important equestrian-related vocabulary. At the customer’s request, we did not focus too much on the grammar of the texts, but rather on the industry-specific vocabulary.

The next stage of our work involved making changes directly on the website with the aim of making it as easy as possible for our customer to update the content in the new language versions on the site. With our special access, we were able to introduce new translations in real-time on the website. All the content was improved on selected subpages, based on the previously prepared glossary. At Skrivanek, we strive to meet everyone’s expectations and are eager to work using out-of-the-box solutions. We can handle some of the most impossible tasks on the spot!

The result of our work was a new language version of the website in German. A quick and easy process, yet maintaining the appropriate translation quality! We are about to start post-editing for the next languages on the site, which speaks for our customer’s satisfaction through both the quality of our services and the active partnership throughout the project. We are also proud to showcase projects that require custom solutions!

Skrivanek Translation Office has been specialising in comprehensive localisation services for many years. Quick proofreading provides an excellent compromise, allowing you to save time and optimise your costs. Trust our experience and reach out to us, either by writing or calling. You can also meet us, if you wish. We are always glad to discuss the best solution you need to achieve the best results. Remember, you decide on the priorities and your available budget! Take advantage of our services today!

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