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Website localisation / SEO translation into four European languages

seo translation

In the era of technological advancement, we all realise how important it is to effectively promote your services on the Internet. This allows you to easily connect with contractors or clients from all over the world, which has a positive impact on the development of a business on an international scale. The website of a company serves as its first showcase, for it is what all interested in the company’s services access at the very beginning. However, in order to ensure sufficient user traffic to the website, its structure must be carefully thought-out by the company, with particular emphasis on effective positioning, to guarantee that the website does not go unnoticed in the depths of the Internet. If you are planning to translate your website into different languages, you have come to the right place – Skrivanek offers comprehensive translation services. We focus not only on the accuracy of the translation, but also on the good search engine positioning of your website, an excellent illustration of which is the case discussed in this very article.

seo translation

We are the translation partner of a large medical clinic that has been supporting and effectively treating patients with infertility for years. The company provides specialised medical care to both women and men, regardless of their age. It owns a considerable number of highly specialised laboratories with a full range of analytical and diagnostic tests, which are renowned as being among the world’s best. What is more, the clinic is constantly developing in order to meet the needs of patients not only in Poland but also abroad.

The company contacted us with a request to translate its website into four European languages – English, German, Russian and Ukrainian. An essential aspect of the process was the use of keywords that the client already had, as well as precise translation of the material in accordance with specialised medical terminology. What the company decided to translate first were the subpages concerning forms and informational articles, i.e., content that would most likely be used by everyone interested in infertility treatment and cell donation. The client’s objective was for the translated website to achieve high rankings in search engines abroad and thus for the content to reach the highest possible number of recipients in various target markets.

After receiving the enquiry, we offered the client a comprehensive website localisation service, including SEO keyword analysis as its crucial part. Since the client prepared their own list of keywords, we initially translated them into all four target languages. Subsequently, with the assistance of our special tool and the efforts of our analysts, we identified their synonyms in the target languages. As practice shows, when searching for content on the Internet, users often use mental shortcuts, simplifications or phrases without diacritics. Preparing these types of synonyms and different versions of phrases makes the pool of keywords to choose from larger. A subsequent analysis allows you to extract the most accurate phrases from an extensive list, ensuring strong rankings in search engines in a given market. After the analysis, we prepared a report for the client in which we clearly showed the frequency of use of given phrases. Based on the presented results, the client independently selected the keywords for translation. The phrases chosen by our client were sent to specialist translators who could start the translation of the entire material upon receipt – of course, on condition that the target text would be rich in keywords! In order to complete the localisation process, we subjected the fully translated website to additional proofreading by native speakers, ensuring the appropriate style of the content on the target markets.

Translating a website is a complex process in which many factors must be taken into account. It involves more than simply translating the content; it also encompasses efforts to adapt the text to the cultural nuances of a specific region and achieve high search engine rankings for the website through the use of keywords. Thanks to these measures, the website becomes accessible to international audiences and generates high user traffic. This, in turn, naturally leads to an increased demand for the company’s services. Skrivanek adopts a comprehensive approach to website translation, not only by carefully selecting translators who are well-versed in the industry-specific nuances and unique characteristics of the text, but also by providing a wide range of additional services which may benefit your business. We take an individual approach to each project, preparing tailor-made translations, as evidenced by our constantly growing base of satisfied clients.

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