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Bloodhound computer game localisation

game localization

Producing a computer game is not an easy task, as you have to control many issues. These include the programming side of the project, the plot, the entertainment mechanisms, the difficulty levels, the graphics, etc. If you are planning to release the game on many markets, then it is also worth considering another issue: the language versions that positively affect the reception of the game in the target markets.

game localization

Kruger & Flint Productions is a dynamically growing, independent development studio from Warsaw employing a team of computer game developers with experience in the production of premium indie games. The debut of the studio on the market is Bloodhound – an FPS shooter game drawing on the classics of the genre. We remove the opponents at a fast pace, and all to the accompaniment of heavy metal music.

Due to their desire to release the game on many markets, the client reported a need to translate the content of the Bloodhound game into 16 languages. The target languages included not only the classic European combinations, but also more exotic languages: Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, Japanese and Javanese.

Besides the wide range of languages into which the translations had to be done, the need for constant access to the translators was an additional challenge. In the IT environment, and especially during the process of creating a computer game, not all the elements could be implemented right away. Therefore, the possibility of supplementing the missing elements on an ongoing basis and then checking before publishing whether all the translated texts had been properly implemented and made readable for the player was crucial for the client.

At Skrivanek, we understand that different rules apply when localising games than when simply translating a normal document. Therefore we asked the client to provide us with access to a demo version of the game, videos, trailers, and graphics that would appear in the game, as well as the enemies, weapons, characters, etc., that were not available in the demo version at the time of translation. It is safe to say that the translators were flooded with references and auxiliary materials to add to the game’s atmosphere.

In order to respond to the need to update and add materials, we proposed assigning a dedicated Project Manager to supervise the translation process, agree on preferential issues and dispel any doubts that the translators may have in consultation with the client.

During the project, while sending out the reference materials, we often encouraged the translators to gather any questions they had regarding proper names, characters and elements appearing in the game, which resulted in the exchange of hundreds of messages. Thanks to this, we are sure that the localisation of the game takes into account its vibe and allows the gamers to play comfortably in their native language. Interestingly, in some languages the names of some heroes or elements were not translated, because the original English version better reflected their character.

In addition, a new element was added to the project during this process, which was testing the implementation of the text materials within the game. We definitely recommend this to all of our clients – especially when we have to deal with languages that use an alphabet far from Latin. We also checked whether everything was displayed correctly after uploading the text to the game, and that there were no problems with the fonts, overlapping of interface elements, text cutting, etc.

We are extremely happy that we could contribute to defeating the Cult of Astaroth in Bloodhound (and we also encourage you to check out this game).

If you are interested in localising your computer games, then feel free to contact us. Based upon our experience, we offer professional translation services that can be tailored to your needs!

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