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Translation of a children’s book


Translations are not just about intricate contract files or multi-page articles. Sometimes the texts we translate at Skrivanek require a large dose of creativity from the translator.


A Little House and Friends is a magical tale about the importance of finding friends. We had the pleasure of translating this fairy tale into Ukrainian. Our customer was inspired to write it by her son, Mikołaj.

Translating fairy tales into a foreign language requires a great deal of imagination and creativity – the most important thing in such translations is not to translate the text literally, but to adapt it to the given recipient group and even let your imagination run wild.

The customer then assessed their partnership with us in the following way:

I am extremely satisfied with the partnership with your company. The commissioned translations in various languages came back to me within the agreed time and sometimes even faster. When I had any doubt about one wording in German and wrote to you about it, I immediately received an explanation, even though it was the weekend. I am publishing another fairy tale in November, and am planning on also using your company’s translation services. I give you 10 out of 10 for your partnership and professionalism.


At Skrivanek we are happy to provide creative translations. We have a qualified and experienced staff of translators and proofreaders – native speakers who are not afraid of any text – film scripts, fairy tales, poems, non-fiction or various descriptions. Sometimes we also go a step further, providing our customers with transcriptions – a kind of mixture of translation and the translator’s own creativity. In this way we are able to adapt the translation to any recipient group while our translators can be creative in meeting the customer’s expectations. Within the framework of transcreation, for example, the names of the book’s characters can be adapted to suit the readers from a particular country or region.

Due to the current situation in Ukraine, we receive a lot of requests for translations into Ukrainian. We are delighted that we had the opportunity to carry out the translation of a fairy tale for children. We hope it brings many a smile to the children’s faces, along with the author.

If you need a translation of a fairy tale, a poem, or any other text that requires the translator’s creativity, you are welcome to contact us. We can suggest a solution that ensures that the text is translated in accordance with your expectations.

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