13 Oct: – website localisation

NAC is a distributor of home and garden equipment that started back in 1990. Thanks to its innovative approach to the distribution of selected equipment and its marketing strategy, NAC has become a leading player in the gardening market, achieving dynamic growth and global recognition.

Translating a computer game

05 Sep: Translating a computer game into five European languages

The client was a video game producer and publisher who was just setting up in the industry, a company created by Polish gaming and gameDV veterans who were preparing a new cyberpunk computer game. Work on the game is still ongoing – the company wants to prepare the various language versions before the official premiere, allowing them to simultaneously enter several international markets. We helped them demonstrate the great potential behind the product.

game localization

11 Jul: Bloodhound computer game localisation

Producing a computer game is not an easy task, as you have to control many issues. These include the programming side of the project, the plot, the entertainment mechanisms, the difficulty levels, the graphics, etc. If you are planning to release the game on many markets, then it is also worth considering another issue: the language versions that positively affect the reception of the game in the target markets.