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NAC is a distributor of home and garden equipment that started back in 1990. Thanks to its innovative approach to the distribution of selected equipment and its marketing strategy, NAC has become a leading player in the gardening market, achieving dynamic growth and global recognition.


They needed a website translation and SEO analysis of the products on the website. The translation was carried out in parts due to the very large number of products and accessories they offered. As the website designer is the popular Elementor, and the website is based on WordPress, they managed to use the WPML solution, which is a partner of Skrivanek. We have many years of experience working with this plug-in and we were one of very few to offer them such a comprehensive solution, allowing them to implement ready-made translations on the website.

They gave us access to the site and we installed the WPML plug-in. Thanks to the installation of the plug-in via Skrivanek, they do not lose time on installation and configuration, and also do not incur the cost of purchasing the plug-in, which currently costs USD 99.

We started the partnership by translating the products from the website and the single ‘About Us’ tab. However, before we started the translation, an SEO analysis of the products contained on their website was also necessary. Due to the large number of products and a high probability of duplicates of the same products in many categories, we used a rather unusual tool, which is WCE (Web Content Extractor).

The purpose of this application is quite different, but in this case it worked perfectly as a tool for identifying previously visited URLs. In short, a URL for a specific product, which may be in multiple categories on a customer’s site, would not find its way back into our list for analysis. As a bonus, we had a sitemap immediately available, and knew how many products we were dealing with. The correct configuration of the application also allowed us to exclude potentially irrelevant sub-pages located on the same domain, narrowing the list of results to just over 300.


A little while later, with the SEO analysis ready, we were able to proceed with the translation. Our WPML solution allows the customer to send the pages they wish to translate to us. We then receive them as xliff files, which is the format used by popular Computer Aided Translation (CAT) software. This allows the translator to work on what is known as a bilingual file, which has a number of advantages: it is easy to navigate, offers ongoing terminology control, glossary creation, translation memory and quality control via the built-in Quality Assurance module.

The finished translation was checked by a specialist from our quality assurance department. The .xliff files prepared in this way were ready to be placed back on their website. The implementation of the translation itself went smoothly. We were required to upload the finished translations and check for any errors during the process. The rest is taken care of by the WPML algorithm, which adds the new language versions to the customer’s website.


After the first part was completed, we received further orders from them to translate the remaining parts of the website. You are also welcome to use our services, and take a look at our portfolio of translated pages.

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