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WordPress and WPML – website translation

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What should you know?

The WordPress Multilingual Plugin (WPML) can be used to translate WordPress-based websites. Once you’ve installed it, you can easily select the content to be translated, forward it to the translation company of choice, and then implement the translated content on the website itself.

Skrivanek (WPML authorized partner) offers support at every stage of the website translation project. Thanks to many years of relevant experience, we know what we should focus on while translating through WPML, and are fully aware of possible issues.

Below are the most important matters you should bear in mind, and some basic troubleshooting.

Preparing the translation project

How can I add another language to the website?

There is an Add/Remove Languages option in the WPML\Languages section. Select the desired language(s) and click the Save button.

What should I do if I can’t send the translation to Skrivanek via the plugin due to the lack of a language pair?

Get in touch with us, and we will add the given language pair.

Next, select Translation Management\Translators\Refresh Language Pairs.

What should I do if I have several dozen files to translate but can add only a few?

Possibly, the All Types option is selected in the Translation Management tab. It limits the number of results displayed. Instead, you should choose each option separately: Page, Entry, Form, Product, etc.

How can I determine the translation word count?

WPML\Translation Management: click the ‘Website Word Count’ option, mark all the options displayed, and click the ‘Count’ button. Depending on the website size, the result should be available within 1-5 minutes.

A more precise word count is available upon adding the files to be translated and clicking the Translation Cart tab – it will be visible next to the following item: The number of words WPML will submit to the translator.

Why is the word count visible in the Translation Cart tab so low?

The most obvious reason is that not all pages/sub-pages/entries have been selected. As a result, the word count is incomplete. In order to rectify the situation, go to WPML\Translation Management\Desktop and select the missing items from each tab: Entry, Page, Template, etc. This will add them to the Translation Cart.

If the word count is exceedingly low (about a dozen words or less), make sure the additional plugins (available while purchasing WPML) have been installed and that the settings (from Non-Standard Field Translation to the very end) in 1)WPML\Expression Translation and 2)WPML\Settings are correctly configured.

Additionally, depending on the website structure, missing words may be found in the so-called Custom Fields.

You should also take a look at Plugin and Theme Localisation, as some of the missing content may be located in third-party (e.g. InPost) plugins.

Can I review the content sent for appraisal in order to verify its integrity?

xliff files are exported from WPML. These are barely legible without proper software. As such, for the purposes of quotation, Skrivanek will convert them into MS Word files in order to verify their content.

Can I send xliff files to be translated without communicating with Skrivanek via a token?

In principle, yes. However, in cases like that, we will be unable to implement the finished translation on your website.

In order for us to implement it, you should connect with us via a token and send the relevant files through the Translation Management panel.

Can I hide the website content in a given language for the duration of the translation process?

Yes, just click WPML->Languages->Hide languages->Choose languages from the list and click Save.

Can I use WPML if I have other translation plugins installed?

Most translation plugins aren’t mutually compatible, so it’s impossible to install several at the same time.

The finishing touches

How long does it take to implement the file once it has been translated?

Usually, it takes just a few minutes, regardless of the number of files translated.

Skrivanek can test the implemented website for you. Our linguistic specialists will verify the correctness of the translation proper and ensure the content is displayed correctly (e.g. if the text fits within the designated brackets).

Why can’t I see the new language version even though it has been implemented?

Choose the following: WPML\Translation Management and then: Check the status and download the translations.

Why can’t I see the completed translation even though it was properly uploaded?

In all likelihood, the original website content was modified during the translation process. As a consequence, it no longer corresponds to the translated content. Please don’t change the website content while the translation is in progress. Although, if that happens, please send us the modified file to translate.

Once the translation has been implemented, where on the website can I choose the language?

Flag symbols/language names are (by default) visible at the bottom of the page. You can change it at any time in the WPML-> Languages tab.

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