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Translation of the INVEST website into German and English using the WPML plug-in.


Website translation is now an indispensable part of global cooperation, communication and business. With the increasing exchange of international information and services, the need to adapt online content to different languages and cultures is becoming a key success factor for many companies.


Skrivanek can provide services that can help make the translation of websites effective in reaching a wide and diverse audience.

At the beginning of the year, we were approached by a customer providing services in the construction industry with a request for a website translation.

INVEST Sp. z o.o., with its registered office in Ropczyce, is a thriving company providing comprehensive advisory, design, installation and maintenance services for the investment process related to refractory ceramics. What they offer is addressed to the following industries: metallurgy, cement, lime, foundry, non-ferrous metals and others using high-temperature refractory coatings. They are a supplier of refractory products and materials from renowned domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Due to their development outside of Poland, the company decided to translate its website into two languages: German and English.

The company’s website was built based on the popular CMS WordPress. They already had a WPML (WordPress Multilingual) plug-in on their site, which is dedicated to creating multilingual sites in WordPress.

WPML is a popular multilingual WordPress plug-in that is used to translate websites and allows you to manage the multilingual content on your sites.

We can offer a translation service for WordPress-based websites using this particular plugin. Through our website you can purchase the plugin or gain free access to it.

Since our customer already had the plugin in question and connected with our office using a token, they were able to select the content to be translated and then sent it to us for a quote using WPML.

After receiving the xliff files, our project manager checked that the content they sent using the plugin was the same as the content on the website.

We noticed that WPML did not download the minor captions and forms. After discussion this with the customer, we agreed that we would translate these minor sections in a separate word file and that they would place them on the already translated page.

Appendices from the page, such as pdfs, do not download for translation using the WPML plugin either. So we downloaded them separately from the website, then performed a DTP service and translated the documents using Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools. They also placed the translated documents on the target pages as pdf appendices.

Once they had approved the scope of the translation, we got to work. We selected suitable translators, paying attention to the specialisation of the text.

The translators worked in CAT software, which not only saves time and costs, but also helps to maintain content consistency and preserve the page code elements. This is of great importance when importing the translated content back into the website. Throughout the translation work, we consulted them on their industry-specific vocabulary. Once the work was completed and the corrections made, we sent the finished translation back to their website via the WPML plugin.

Once they had downloaded the translated content, it was automatically uploaded to the website. The WPML plug-in makes the whole web translation process much easier.

The customer spoke positively about working with the plugin.

In connection with the provision of comprehensive services on the domestic and foreign markets, INVEST Sp. z o.o. submitted a request to Skrivanek for the translation of texts (including technical texts) for the purpose of website modification.

In this respect, SKRIVANEK;

– agreed on an individual price list for translation services into English and German,

– ensured the fulfilment of expectations and prompt performance of the services,

– accepted the submitted text in an electronic form (WPML plug-in),

– forwarded the completed translation for approval.

The fast and efficient service contributed to the immediate modification of our website and provided potential customers with up-to-date information.


If you too would like to take your company to the international market, Skrivanek can help you translate your website. Do not hesitate, to write to us!

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