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Simultaneous (conference) interpreting involves interpreting the speaker’s words as they are being uttered. This type of interpreting is mostly chosen for international conferences with a large number of participants or multilingual meetings. Its chief benefit is the time savings it provides.

Simultaneous interpreting usually requires the use of special conference equipment, which we will gladly arrange. We are able to readily provide you
with our own equipment, including fully equipped interpreting booths.

For less formal occasions, or where the audience is relatively small, you can choose another type of simultaneous interpreting in which the content of the speech or conversation is relayed by whispering it to up to three participants. This is known as whispered interpreting, or chucotage.

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The interpreting required familiarity with specialist terminology – the translators were properly prepared to perform the assigned task. Thanks to the high-quality conference equipment and the professional technical assistance, we could be confident that the conference would run smoothly. We greatly value our collaboration with Skrivanek. The professional services rendered by the company are always aimed at achieving the highest quality and customer satisfaction.

Brytyjsko-Polska Izba Handlowa

Skrivanek is a competent and reliable partner. In November 2009, we started collaborating on regular and sworn translations from English into Polish. The professional attitude towards translation testified to the great expertise of the Skrivanek team and resulted in a satisfied client. Having witnessed their commitment and competence, I can recommend the services of Skrivanek to all those interested.

Amago sp. z o.o.

The company has provided an interpreting service rendered by professional Russian language interpreters along with the necessary interpreting equipment. We are very satisfied with the collaboration with Skrivanek. Skrivanek’s Conference Service Centre has proven to be a competent conference organiser providing high-quality interpreting services. The thorough completion of its orders makes Skrivanek a reliable partner in the organisation of conferences.

Vector Sp. z o.o.

The Skrivanek team is very flexible in its work, while being quick to respond to pressing needs and suggestions. Their translations are done in a professional and timely manner. The accuracy of the translations and the calculation of costs left little to be desired.
We are very satisfied with the translations done by Skrivanek, and will therefore gladly continue to use its services, as well as recommend it to other companies working with foreign entities.

Agram Chłodnia w Lublinie S.A.

Skrivanek has done several dozen translations for us. These were mainly technical documents employing IT and finance terminology. The quality of the translations and their smooth delivery has helped us in business relations with foreign clients. The company deserves particular commendation for the implementation of ISO 9001:2008 compliant procedures in the process of receiving and fulfilling orders. We can recommend Skrivanek as a trustworthy partner who works to ensure efficient collaboration and achieving the expected results.

Asseco Poland S.A.

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