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Conference equipment

We constantly make sure that our equipment is fully operational.

Excellent transmission quality and reliability


When supporting conferences, we provide high-quality simultaneous interpreting equipment and experienced technicians whose task is to ensure that the service is performed with exceptional care. We constantly monitor the work of our interpreters and regularly make sure that our equipment is fully operational, which is confirmed by the quality certificate EN ISO 9001:2008 awarded to our company. We have never taken for granted the confidence placed in us by both our long-term and new clients, who entrust us with the comprehensive support of conferences, conventions, seminars and training events.


The distinguishing features of the equipment are:

  • resistance to any interference generated by mobile phones or other devices using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or microwaves
  • excellent transmission quality and reliability – with its digital feedback suppressor and modern speakers, our system performs perfectly in any room
  • exceptional flexibility and functionality – the system can be configured to meet the demands of all types of meetings, from a basic installation without an operator to a complex system for supporting international conferences

An example set of interpreting equipment:

  • Two-person interpreting booth (ISO 4043 compliant)
  • Central control unit (DCN-CCU)
  • Interpreter desk (DCN-IDESK-D)
  • Pocket receivers (LBB4540/08)
  • Stereo headphones (LBB3443/00)
  • Charging case (LBB4560/00)
  • Infrared radiator (LBB4511/00)
  • Mixer amplifier (PLE-2MA240-EU)
  • Audio expander (LBB4402/00)
  • Wireless handheld microphones (MW1-HTX-Fx)
  • Wireless head-worn microphones (MW1-HMC)
  • Wireless microphone receivers (MW1-RX-Fx)
  • Wireless belt-pack transmitters with Lavelier microphones (MW1-LTX-Fx)
  • Discussion system (CCS 900 Ultro System)
  • Line array loudspeakers (LBC 3201/00)
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