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Marketing is emotions – we will take care of their translation.

What is transcreation?


Transcreation can best be described as the creative translation of advertisements from one language to another. It consists in presenting a given message in a foreign language in such a way that it suits the audience best. When we focus on marketing, we try to evoke the same emotions and needs in the new target language audience as we intended for the original language audience.

The person responsible for transcreation must have a clear understanding of the desired effect and be free not only to translate, but also to make significant modifications to the text. Both what is said and how it is said are equally important in the transcreation process. Therefore, it is imperative that the source text is adapted to a specific recipient in the translation process. This service may include copywriting (in the process of which new marketing texts are created), modification of graphic materials, changes in text layout and other transformations, depending on the existing needs.

Transcreation – conveying emotions


At Skrivanek, we ensure that the intended effect and emotions of the message, which were transmitted in the source language, are not lost in translation. Professionally performed transcreation using the target language strengthens brand perception at a local level and enables the flow of global customer experience, ensuring strategic brand consistency and positioning. When customers want their business to conquer foreign markets, transcreation is almost a necessity.


What are the advantages of transcreation?


First of all, transcreation avoids the need to create a marketing strategy from scratch. An appropriate adaptation of the product vision saves time and money. Transcreation also minimises the risk of awkward situations arising from misunderstanding the message. If the transcreation is done by someone who knows the culture well, there is no risk that the ad will be received in an inappropriate way, e.g. as offensive or unintentionally funny.

What are the risks of not using transcreation?


At best, transcreation will result in a loss of money invested in a marketing campaign that is not properly understood and therefore ineffective. At worst, it can lead to a negative image of the brand or the company as a whole. Some phrases that sounded good in the source language (e.g. to a Polish audience) may even be understood as offensive by an audience from a different cultural background.

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