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AI Experiments in Skrivanek

AI Experiments

Smartphones, smart houses, electronic, self-driven cars… The future is here. Although everything may not be as advanced as expected in books and movies – we don’t have flying cars and perfect weather predictions like in Back to the future – we can’t deny that a lot has changed in the last twenty, thirty years.

Some new inventions – like robot waiters – are still available in limited places. Others are reachable to literally anyone. One of those inventions is AI Writing Assistant. What is it and how it can be helpful to us? Keep reading to find out.

Challenge accepted!

In Skrivanek we are open to new technologies and eager to experiment. It shouldn’t be surprising since one of our values is challenges, which means that “We are open to new, even seemingly impossible projects”.

We started with Neural Machine Translation, by creating our own system Skrivanek NMT, that allowed us to bring machine translations to the next level and tailor it to the needs of different clients – lawyers, doctors, and specialists from other industries.

Trying to help reduce time and effort in achieving goals is also one of our missions. That’s why specialists from Skrivanek Language School created Focus Audit Tool, a modern online platform that allows employers to check the language abilities of their employees and people who apply for a job.

AI Experiments
AI Experiments
AI Experiments

What’s next?

Now the time has come to try out another useful invention, that is gaining more and more attention from different subjects on the market – AI Writing Assistant. As a part of our digital marketing, we decided to test this new solution and share our discoveries with our readers. Thus, in the next few months on our blog, in the category AI Experiments, we will publish articles also made entirely by artificial intelligence. Texts obtained in this way we will connect with images prepared by a similar system – AI Image Generator.

It’s important to highlight that those generated texts will not be proofread by us. It’s a conscious decision – we want to allow you to judge by yourselves what is the quality of works made by artificial intelligence, and draw your own conclusions. At the end of every article prepared this way, you will find a note reminding you that the content was made by AI.


(And a quick reminder – if you have a text or other material that you need to translate – standard or certified, don’t hesitate to contact us!)

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