Machine translation

05 Sep: Machine translation and post-editing

We had a new translation request from an IT company – one of the largest IT academies in Poland, featuring the best specialists and trainer-practitioners in their field. The company provides professional courses for developers and also organises conferences and meetings that bring together the entire IT community. It exists in a continual development phase, with newer and more popular technologies as well as global trends towards more innovative products on the market, meaning that they continually need to maintain their competitiveness and their own growth models. In such a fast-paced business, they are often faced with the need to translate documents, and a key consideration in the decision to commission a translation is a quick deadline.

machine translation

11 Jul: Swift machine translation for internal use

Organizing a meeting involving people from many countries is a difficult undertaking, one that requires the resolution of many details. It is easy to forget about a seemingly small yet crucial issue. This is the kind of thing we need to consider in the preparation of documentation in the appropriate language versions.