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Sky-Shop: a localization solution for an e-commerce business

Nowadays, sales and purchases are increasingly carried out using online shops. Trading on the Internet brings many benefits, but it also requires a lot of commitment, diligence and the right strategy to interest customers and succeed in the competitive world of e-commerce. With the right tools along with platforms that offer extensive functionalities, online sales can be carried out without major problems.

We have already discussed several similar platforms on the Skrivanek website, such as: Shopify, IdoSell, Shoper, or PrestaShop. Today, another SAAS solution has joined this group – Sky-Shop. If you want to learn more about this e-commerce site, then read on.

Sky-Shop is an online shopping B2B (business to business) platform that, thanks to the built-in ready-made templates and the possibility of giving them a detailed personalization, allows us to run an online store without having to create it from the scratch.

Therefore, everyone can create their own store and start to sell online at a really fast pace, without having to learn the secrets of programming or website design. The intuitive configuration assistant is very helpful in this, as it can do more than half of the work for you immediately after launching it.

Price conditions offers a 14-day free trial period, thanks to which we can test all the available options and capabilities of this software.

Various price plans are also available for Sky-Shop customers, which specify the rules for using the services and technologies.

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First steps

By using the creator wizard, we can personalize the appearance and select the functionalities of our online store as well as every single feature that interests us. We can also choose an individual graphic design that can be implemented across the website, and the graphics can also be adapted to suit mobile devices.

Store template creator wizard - screenshot

Rich colors

There are many possibilities in terms of the visuals. These include the wide range of colours to choose from, allowing us the opportunity of refining every detail that we have developed for our e-commerce site.

Color scheme settings - screenshot

Accessibility in mobile applications is not limited to traditional online stores. There is also a mobile application available, which allows us to run an online e-commerce website from a mobile phone or tablet. This makes it easier to manage our online store and serve our customers, especially when they are on the move. If we value flexibility in running our business, then it is a great choice, not to mention anyone looking for the perfect consumer goods on their screens.

A wide selection of integrations also offers ready-made integrations with popular platforms. We can connect our own online store with other e-commerce sites, such as Allegro or Google Shopping. This helps make our products available to more customers, which leads to increasing our retail sales.

Also available are integration with accounting systems, PayPal payments, e-commerce transactions, couriers, price comparison websites such as Ceneo and other services needed to effectively run an online store.

One of the key elements of running a store is convenient order and customer management. Sky-Shop provides accounting and payment systems that make it easier to track orders, create invoices and serve customers. Additionally, offers you many support channels.

In response to an email requesting support, we can receive a response with instructions to watch instructional videos while their team works on answering our questions.

Multi-channel e-commerce sales also enables electronic multi-channel sales, which means we can sell our products on various platforms, such as eBay or Facebook. Thanks to this we can facilitate promotion, reach more customers and increase sales. This feature may be attractive for many online retailers.

The platform also helps in the area of accounting. Thanks to automatic VAT settlements, we can avoid unnecessary tax-related complications. This platform allows us to easily manage net prices and create invoices, which makes online transactions even easier.

Sky-Shop also allows us to start selling online without the need to store products. Thanks to the dropshipping option, we can cooperate with wholesalers so that we can offer our products without storing them. This makes it easier to start an e-commerce business without having to invest in a warehouse.

An electronic commerce store in many languages

Running an online store sooner or later involves expanding our business or attracting customers from different parts of the world. This means it is worth considering implementing our store in multiple languages. Without a doubt, this is an investment that can pay off in the form of increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Adding a language

To add an additional language to our store, enter the Configuration menu (Konfiguracja) -> Store settings (Ustawienia sklepu)-> Languages (Języki) -> List of languages (Lista języków)

Language selection from the panel menu - screenshot

In order to add a new language, click the Add (Dodaj) language button.

Then we can select the language we are interested in and fill in the fields below.

Fields from the Add language menu - screenshot

We can also assign a domain (or subdomain) to the selected language, which enables direct reference to the store in this translation. After making these changes, simply click the Save button (Zapisz). However, always remember that for domain redirection to the selected language to work properly, we must assign a separate domain for each language in the store (including the default language).

In the next step, a message will appear that the store has automatically translated the static elements into the selected language using the free Google content engine. However, this is only an addition. All machine translations should also be checked, because the quality of the automatic translations may not meet our expectations and may even mislead the buyers.

Once the automatic translation of phrases is complete, we can edit them from the Configuration (Konfiguracja)-> Languages (Języki)-> Translations menu (Tłumaczenia).  To do this, find the phrase to be changed using the Search option (Szukaj), find the selected fragment of text and, after clicking on it, change the translation to a more appropriate one in the editing window.

View of the automatically translated static parts of the store - screenshot

Automatic translations only apply to the permanent elements of the store’s content. Therefore, other variables (known as dynamic elements), such as blog information, product and category descriptions, product names, delivery options and information pages, must be translated manually. Fields that require translation are marked in the system with the selected language flag.

How many languages we can introduce to our store depends on the subscription purchased. If we want to add more languages than is currently possible, the system will inform us about this limitation.

In addition to editing our content in the store panel, we can also export static elements to external files like: Excel, CSV, XML or HTML. This may make our work easier, because by using CAT tools the translation work will certainly be faster.

After translating the external file, we can successfully upload it to the store. This only takes a few seconds.

However, when it comes to the dynamic store content, by default there is no option that would allow them to be exported to external files. Support does leave the door open for more advanced users. This is about the API documentation that is intended for developers. We can try to modify the dynamic content data using queries. However, for laypeople there is the option of changing the dynamic content in the store panel.

Extensive marketing

Marketing features in online stores are essential for success. They help to attract customers, build our brand, increase our sales and maintain loyalty. Without an effective marketing strategy, it is difficult to compete in today’s e-commerce marketplace where online purchases are taking first place.

Sky-Shop offers a wide range of functionalities in the field of marketing. These include marketing campaigns such as Google ads (online advertising), Facebook ads, and SEO (search engine optimization), all of which drives traffic to our store’s website. The more visitors we gain, the greater the chance of increasing sales.

And finally

The Sky-Shop platform is one of many solutions for anyone who wants to start selling online. Thanks to the ready-made store templates, integrations with popular platforms and simple management, then running our own online store becomes easier.

Moreover, the built-in automatic integration with the machine engine can speed up the creation of a multilingual store, as long as these translations are checked by professionals.

We encourage you to choose Skrivanek as your translation service provider. For years we have been offering tailor-made machine translation post-editing services. Thanks to them, your online store will be professionally localized, taking into account the local, cultural and linguistic aspects and customs, all of which certainly and significantly affect the success of your electronic commerce business on international markets. Do not hesitate, contact us!

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