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IdoSell – how can you translate this e-shop to increase your online sales?

If you are seeking to expand your business into foreign markets, then building an international online store should be your #1 priority.

Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar stores, IdoSell is built with the sole purpose of attracting foreign sales by handling search engine expectations and bringing more revenue to the table. IdoSell merchants and partners can choose and integrate a variety of payment systems, including Google Pay, PayPal, PayU, Przelewy24 and others. The features you can find on the IdoSell website includes advanced filtering, saas model, training materials and technology. In this article we are going to focus on helping you to localize your shop.

One of the most common challenges in building an IdoSell store is translating it into a language your audience understands. The more languages your store can offer, the better it will be for your multinational customers, aiding them in simply navigating the entire store and making purchases easily.

If you’re also looking to expand your business across various foreign territories with the help of an IdoSell store, this guide is the perfect place for you to start.

Do you want to translate your shop to Idosell? Contact us to discuss your needs and learn more about the services we provide and the software we use.
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How to Translate an IdoSell Online Store – a solution for professional internet sellers.


The good news is that this system offers IdoSell customers complete and easy translation of any store on an ecommerce platform in four simple steps. Even better, the process becomes utterly simple with the help of easy-to-download template files.

So let us guide you through this process, step-by-step, on how to translate the IdoSell store in a safe and convenient way, all with the support of Skrivanek.

Step 1: Choose what language you need to translate in IdoSell shop

1.    Simply go to the “Administrator Panel” and select “Language Configuration,” where you can add the language you need.

Step 2: Download the file(s) to start the translation

 IdoSell provides three potential sources from where text can be exported:

a. Template file

b. Offer and related modules texts

c. Other elements, including e-mails, blogs, news, delivery information, SMSs sent to customers, etc.

They each contain different types of information, downloadable using the administrative panel via the option “Download Template File” or “Download XLIFF File” (in the case of offer and related module texts). Before downloading the file, first make sure that source and target languages are correct as exporting can take several minutes.

Generally, while the Exported Template should contain only one file, for an Offer there could be many xliff files.

Step 3: Send the exported data to your chosen vendor, and then wait for delivery

In our industry, we take client expectations and needs seriously. This means we can provide not just a translation but also keyword research and SEO translations. Why? Because we understand how crucial it is to analyse search trends to achieve better positions on Google or other search engines, hence driving more website traffic and selling more.

We are data and knowledgeable driven people, using different CAT tools to save time and money, while also maintaining terminological consistency. We can provide a free account for the software we use for translations in editor mode, allowing you to assess and accept the outcome before it is even deployed. We are also open to using neural machine translation engines and providing post-editing services for whole websites or selected parts.

Step 4: Import finished translations via the IdoSell online store

Importing translations into IdoSell is a user friendly experience. After selecting the file on the local drive, just wait for the upload to finish and check the summary. Make sure the summary includes a line stating that 100% of the translation is ready.

A checklist to ensure that the IdoSell translation is a success

a. Check that you have set IdoSell to the appropriate language.

b. Check all the products, descriptions, menus, categories, manufacturers, sizes, and warranties with the size charts.

c. Before you start the translation, make sure you have set the source and target language correctly.

Conclusions about IdoSell, and how we can support your business

Skrivanek Poland is a company that offers comprehensive service in the many types of apps, websites, CMS systems and e-commerce stores used by a variety of industries and companies, in both the public and private sectors. We localize many online stores and provide comprehensive services for many clients who are seeking ways how to sell more and improve their market share. We also offer support when exporting text/elements from your website is difficult, the interface seems too complex or when you simply have no time for such matters.

Contact us to discuss your needs, to learn more about the services we provide and the software we use. We are always pleased to help and boost your website traffic and sales!

You can discover, access, and create a beautiful ecommerce platform with with help of the IdoSell team, and we are always glad to help you to de-code your new customers hearts by providing good quality translation services.

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