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Translating the Shoper online store

Making your business processes easier and more extensive

This is another CMS worth mentioning when creating an online store. It is one of a number of different e-commerce platforms of this type, such as Magento, PrestaShop, IdoSell and Shopify – you can read more about all of these on our website. The Shoper software is designed to comprehensively support the purchasing process, which is why so many people use it and why it is becoming an increasingly popular choice for companies and individuals who are seeking to base their business on online sales, and not just in one market.

Before we go into the details of the Shoper translation process, it is worth considering what we need to understand about software for online stores. At Skrivanek we offer support and a wide range of website localisation services based on the online stores, as well as a range of CMS tools: WordPress, Drupal, Typo3, Joomla and WIX.

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The Shoper e-commerce platform

The first release of this program took place in 2005, and in the original version every customer using this platform could make individual modifications to the software. It was quickly realized that this caused considerable problems when automatic updates occurred for these Internet stores, so the creators of the programme began to tailor new solutions.

In 2010 we saw version 5.0 of the Shoper store appearing in the form of software as a service subscription. However, since the release of version 5.4.12 in 2020, the online shop has offered the convenience of adjusting the store panel to various screens, e.g. a tablet, computer or phone.

Shoper also has an internal payment system, integrations with Facebook, Google Shopping, Allegro, courier companies, as well as other online stores and price comparison websites. The Shoper platform also offers various visual features, from choosing an individual domain design to ready-made graphic templates or built-in themes, such as to improve advertising or pricing.

What is more, the software allows for a free choice in marketing support for an online shop, including optimization with an SEO, help in positioning the store within the Google search engine and sharing with Google Analytics.

Shoper template - screenshot.

If you plan to set up your own online shop, you can test the Shoper platform with a 14-day trial period. This means you can learn about e-commerce from the inside out.

You are able to place orders and carry out the entire purchasing process within your shop. The features include selecting products on the website that are in stock, carrying out the ordering process, the shipping of goods and deliveries on the Internet, as well as the selection of couriers and the implementation of the invoicing process. Intuitive operation of Shoper and 24/7 technical support can help you win the favour of many new customers.

Clients list in Shoper panel - screenshot.

Adjusting the language versions

Shoper allows you to use ready-made translations in your own online shop, edit language phrases and customize the store accordingly. We can help you to learn more about the language enhancement opportunities in this e-commerce shop. Below are some of the features from which you can choose.

More ready Shoper translations

Since running online stores is becoming increasingly popular, and customer requirements are continuing to grow, Shoper has two system languages built into the store system: Polish (default) and English, which update automatically with the introduction of new system updates.

Shoper also allows you to import ready-made translations of this platform in five selected languages: Ukrainian, Dutch, German, Slovak, and Czech. Thanks to this, we can omit the need to translate shop expressions by users. However, there is a catch, as these translations only apply to system expressions that are necessary for the proper operation of the site.

Other content created by the store user himself, such as descriptions, titles, pages and subpages, will have to be translated independently. Moreover, the Shoper creators do not guarantee that new expressions introduced into the system along with updates to the store will also be automatically translated into the five languages. The chances are that the users will have to translate these latest phrases themselves.

To import any of the above language versions, download a .csv file from the Shoper website in a given language version, for example German, and import it by entering the store panel in Settings > Regional settings > Languages > Add language. After activating the language in the Phrases options, we can import our .csv file. In the place where we select from the available languages, there is also an option with the German language.

How can Skrivanek help in translating Shoper software?

If you have an online shop based on the Shoper platform and you need to adapt its language version to the needs of your customers, then we are here for you. All you need to do is add the language you are interested in the language options of the platform, activate it, and then you can export the .csv file. See the screenshots below:

Platform screenshot.
Export - screenshot
Download - screenshot

After downloading, saving and opening the .csv file, you can see that the file has two identical language versions: English source and English placed in quotation marks.

CSV file - screenshot

This is the version that, after our translation, will be replaced by the target language, which in this case is Croatian. After the translation process and importing the finished translation onto the Shoper platform, such as by uploading the hr_HR.csv file, we can already see the available Croatian flag in the panel and can enjoy the new language version of our Shoper online store.

Skrivanek – helping with the automatic translation of your Shoper site

As a professional Skrivanek translation agency, we offer a wide range of translation services. We support over 100 languages and have extensive experience in almost every industry, which is why we are confident that we can supply the right skills to create your language goals.

We are flexible and fully understand your constantly evolving needs. If you are not interested in exporting files for translation on your own, then we can gladly organize the entire translation process for you without the need to export any files.

After receiving access to the Shoper store, our translator simply enters the appropriate language that requires translation into the platform’s regional options, selects Phrases from the language master data and then step-by-step translates the content of the expressions into the selected language through the Edit option next to the given phrase:

Edit phrase window - screenshot

When the expression translation is ready, they just need to click save.

Saving translations - screenshot

The translated phrase then appears in the list of available expressions in the given language.

The Shoper store also has the option for automatic page translation. We also provide this service, where our role is then not to just translate, but also to manage the project. After receiving access to the online store’s website and guidelines on which parts of the store need automatic translation, we can launch the appropriate module. Go to options and select Content appearance > Current graphic template > Modules.

We add a new module:

Add module - screenshot

We enter the title of the module. In our case, Translate and disable the editor in the toolbar. Then paste the script and click save.

scrypt scr

The name of our new module is now present in the available modules:

New module - screenshot

If in the default options our online store has a language other than Polish, in the script we change the PL language designation to the other language code, compliant with the ISO standard. It is also worth noting that in order to avoid cutting HTML codes, we recommend selecting the Disable HTML code cleaning option from Settings > Advanced > Security.

Now we can place the created module, depending on which part of the store needs automatic translation. Here we want to translate the list of products in the store, so we place our module next to the list of products.

To see how our actions affect the operation of the online store, select the More > View store option at the top of the page:

See the shop window screenshot

We can see the Google Translate bar, choose the language we want to translate the page to, and then we see that the page already has the new language of our choice.

Screenshot from the Shoper platform

We test and check if everything has been translated. It is worth emphasizing here that in this case we are not responsible for the quality of the translation, but only for technical work on the Shoper platform. We will make every effort to make your own Shoper online store available in every language that your customers speak.

Properly configuring the new language version of your Shoper online store

Skrivanek can undoubtedly help you set a new language if your customer has chosen the Shoper store. We suggest going through all the steps together to make sure that the new language version will work flawlessly.

Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that, despite the correct translation of all available phrases into a given language, the customers are unable to complete the order because the store does not have a defined payment for a specific currency. Each element of the purchasing process in the current language version will also appear in the new language.

Defining currencIES

So we have our new Croatian language, but we do not have a defined currency for it yet. To do this, go to Settings > Regional Settings > Currencies > Add Currency.

The new currency configuration window will appear. We can set the appropriate exchange rate (in relation to the default currency set in the store) and save the changes. Now we can assign the added currency to the new Croatian language.

Adding traNslations for categories and products

If we already have the translation of all phrases in Croatian, then we can add translations for categories and products. To do this, from the Store service menu, select Categories and change the language on the language bar into which we want to translate the entries, in this case to Croatian. On the field on the left side of the category tree, click on the item for which you want to add a translation.

There is a flag next to the category name, which means that this category has a ready translation for a different language than the one which we are currently editing. This may be a suggestion that it should be translated. We translate the categories from the list, one by one, and then go to Products in the same way through the Store service > Products menu.

Finally, we add a language change module in the store, and also add a currency module. From the list of available modules, select the Languages module and drag it to the place where you want to display them on the store’s website. We do the same with the currencies.

Support and maintenance

Keep in mind that as your website evolves, new content may need to be translated. Plan for ongoing maintenance of the translations, especially when adding new products, categories, features or updates to the website.

It is worth noting that the specific steps and tools for translating a Shoper-based website may vary depending on the version and customization of Shoper you are using. Consult the Shoper documentation or reach out to their support team for more detailed guidance on translating your specific Shoper-based website. Should any problem arise, they can help you with ease.

Choosing your support team

These are just a few of the suggestions that we, as the Skrivanek translation agency, can assist you with on your Shoper online store. If you need a website translation of e-commerce platform, check out our services and take advantage of our many years of experience. We will also be happy to clarify the most frequent questions concerning online shops and support you with every step in the localization process.

Skrivanek goes the extra mile to ensure that your business is established and maintained, with a high quality website that effectively represents your brand and attracts customers.

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