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How to Translate your Joomla website with Skrivanek?

Joomla Website Localization


With an active community of nearly 700,000 users, Joomla is one of the best free content management systems, used in over 9% of the most used business websites.

In contrast to other CMSs that require the installation of additional plugins to establish the language converter, Joomla includes a language switcher module by default. To localize a Joomla! we assign all the information to the languages we wish to utilize and add a new languages switcher component to the webpage.

We believe that Joomla! is a very localizable CMS (Content Management System). Because Joomla has been translated into numerous languages worldwide, some of the material on the web page will magically switch if we allocate it to a different language.

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How to Translate your Joomla website with Skrivanek?


With Skrivanek’s website translating and customization services, you may reach out to business relationships worldwide and advertise your products internationally.

Skrivanek provides website translations in over 100 languages in varying configurations, and their personalized approach to each customer makes each offering distinctive and adapted to specific requirements.

Skrivanek can manage and execute even the most difficult support material. They can translate any material on the website, from pages and category pages to widget material, project details, and text references. When you engage Skrivanek with the translations of your Joomla site, you may expect a seamless working relationship.

Starting with Skrivanek and JOOMLA


There are few options if you want to translate with Joomla and Skrivanek:

1) FaLang plugin which can be installed from official Joomla directory. It allows to import/export content from your website and it’s free.

joomla translation

2. ConveyThis – our translators can be assigned after buying subscription

translating joomla



This is our complete Joomla website translation guide using Skrivanek, which shouldn’t take much of your time if you follow the steps carefully. If you have a multilingual website that works with visitors from all around the world, it’s high time to translate your website with Skrivanek to avoid future circumstances.

Don’t take our word for the mouth but check how Skrivanek completed over 43000 translations in 80+ languages alone in 2022.

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