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E-learning localisation

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Online education is a very dynamically developing field. Hundreds of training sessions, podcasts, webinars and other content of an educational nature are created every day, and then sent to viewers, listeners and clients via electronic means. In order to respond to the growing need for the translation of such materials, Skrivanek has prepared an e-learning localisation service.

Localisation is more than just translation. When performing such a service, we take into account not only the content to be translated but also the needs of your recipients. This means that our translations are adapted to the required cultural and social context, as well as other country-specific conditions.

Thanks to the concept of localisation, the recipients of the content perceive it as if it had been written from the beginning by a native speaker – it sounds natural, reads easily and corresponds to their usual daily form of communication.

What does the e-learning localisation service look like?

We are well aware that e-learning is not only text, but also various types of audiovisual content, to name just a few: infographics, presentations, sound recordings and finally the e-learning platforms themselves.

Skrivanek sees to the translation of all these elements! If, for example, you are conducting online training on a dedicated platform, we will translate:

  • The entire layout and messages (e.g. technical) within this platform and/or application
  • Written content (texts, platform navigation, training materials)
  • Audio content (audio recordings, pronunciation)
  • Graphic content (infographics, presentations, photos with descriptions, logotypes)

This gives you a complete product that requires no additional translation work!

Stages of cooperation

We always start with a thorough analysis of the order. We review the materials and select the best translators who can demonstrate experience in your industry. Furthermore, we would be willing to agree with you on a glossary, which guarantees that a word (e.g. a technical term) will always be translated in the same way.

Once the scope of work has been determined, we start the translation process. Translators are engaged in the translation of written content, while our lectors (most often native speakers of a given language) record translated scripts of recordings and conversations. Due to this, the translated recordings sound natural and are easily understood by foreign listeners.

Finally, we handle the technical work so that the whole layout is presented properly. Our specialists make sure that the translated training platform looks as good as its foreign language equivalent.

Order the service today!

We are pleased to announce that the e-learning translation service is now available in our offer!
We kindly welcome you to contact us. We will answer all of your questions, set the scope of work and, finally, deliver a complete product that meets all of your needs!